Safe Schools is a Marxist Indoctrination Program

Safe Schools is not an anti-bullying program. It is a Marxist/post-modernist exercise in indoctrination. Safe Schools co-founder Roz Ward is openly Marxist.

Safe Schools

Being a Marxist should be viewed with as much repugnance as being a Nazi. Universities and schools are full of Marxists and nothing is done about it. Why should we be subsidizing revolution?

Safe Schools is not an anti-bullying program at all. It is an anti-science Marxist/post-modernist exercise. The left and LGBT  cheerleaders see it as necessary and any criticism of it as homophobia or trans-phobia and terrible bigotry.

Roz Ward, Safe Schools Co-Founder who has an advisory role with the Victorian government, is openly Marxist who calls for the Australian flag to be replaced by a red one.

Last year Roz Ward was a keynote speaker at the Socialist Alternative hosted Marxism 2019 conference in Sydney. Socialist Alternative clearly state on the front page of their website: “Socialist Alternative is a Revolutionary Marxist organisation”. It couldn’t be more clear.

A Marxist apparently is no big deal despite being the most murderous barbaric ideology ever unleashed upon societies. She said parents do not get a say and I teach children to be communist.

Yet the Victorian government empowered her as a symbol of moral progress to design Safe Schools. Marxists should be viewed with contempt just like Nazism.  The only difference is Marxism was tenfold worse and left a trail of destruction tenfold worse than Nazism.

Most of the mainstream media still remain totally uninterested or incompetent to call out Safe Schools for what it is. Why is that? Because they are too scared to be called homophobic or transphobic.

Safe Schools disguises itself as being anti-bullying. No one likes bullies so the inventors say, “you are against equality, against a safe school environment.” Children are props to get their attempts to push Safe Schools into more schools.

They March at protests saying it works and no bigotry. They create children as shields to prevent them from being criticized.  There is nothing like being called a bigot and wanting you dead one minute and then saying love is love and equality the next.

Anti-bullying is just a facade. It is a brilliant tactic by the left-surround yourself with children so they have a shield from being attacked. Do you think hardline Marxists care about bullying?

In the United Kingdom children as young as three are being diagnosed by supposedly sane experts as being transgender. It has reached the point where therapists refer a child for gender affirmation simply as a four-year-old boy playing with a pink car.

Why do transgender activists militantly insist that children be subjected to life-altering medical treatments? Because overwhelmingly they will want to revert back to their original birth sex when they are older.  The number of children with gender dysphoria after puberty is extremely low. 

Once a child is given treatment and has therapy with affirmation and praise coming from LGBT activists, the feeling of not going back is introduced. If no surgery and treatment is given then 95% to 98% of the time he or she will become comfortable as his or her birth sex.

If a thirteen-year-old boy is given various piercings and tattoos or has an alcoholic drink or cigarette you could very well lose custody of your child. But parade a child in a gay parade with half-naked men or dress a boy in drag for all and sundry to see you will be on front pages of some publications and be called a progressive parent.

How does a person who the left call a white privileged person move up the hierarchy of victimhood and get fawning adulation of other lefties? Simple. Turn your child into a trans-child. This enables the parents to jump to the very top of the heap.

The John Hopkins Clinic closed in the United States because of the number of former patients that came back asking to be returned to their original gender. The former director is a total non-person in the eyes of the trans left.

The trans madness is an attempt to obliterate people, society,  biology and reality. People do not get periods. Women do. People do not get pregnant.  Women do. The lost identity of one group does not have the right to obliterate all others who are secure in their identity.

All of the radical sexual revolutionary programs, policies and ideologies in vogue today are now heavily subsidized by the government.  The state promotes and endorses it. High levels of homosexual diseases are all paid for by taxpayers. Smoking incurs high taxes and alcohol. HIV/ AIDS was the first politically correct disease. Any measures to curtail the epidemic were all resisted by homosexuals. 

The leaders of Safe Schools are really upset that parents and others have resisted their attempts to force their immorality on others.That is what they are most upset about. They march down the street naked and you are oppressing them if you object to it.

Roz Ward
Roz Ward attempting to rip the hat off a passerby while peddling copies of RedFlag in 2016

Kids do not learn gender confusion on their own-they learn it. They are programmed to believe it. It is forced upon them. Why are all these children becoming “transgender”? Because society has made it so.

The sin of religious liberty or freedom of conscience is a grave sin to the social justice warriors.  Deploying victim card is the favorite weapon for LGBT activists.

They redefine liberty. They expect you to not advocate or live by your values. They force you to agree and mandate you to act against your beliefs. They hypocritically demand liberty for themselves but refuse to afford to others. Hurt feelings do not constitute law but for the leftists it does.

To the Safe Schools founders, a woman with a baby in her womb is a man, but the baby in her womb is not a person. All it takes for a woman to be a man, despite lacking every physical attribute, is that she wants to be one.

Safe Schools does not build-it destroys. They think they are removing the last remaining restraints and are heading towards a utopia of a neo-Marxist worldview. There will be a huge increase in drug use, sexual diseases, depression, mental health issues, and confused children.

More and more are on hormone therapy, are confused,  angry and resentful.  They are realizing that gender cannot be changed no matter what the ideologues say.

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