The United States has finally been blessed with a leader who is committed to preserving the safety and security of both current and potential citizens through a much-needed strong borders approach. President Trump’s tough immigration policies, along with his continued rhetoric against migrant-related criminal activity, has resulted in a drastic reduction in illegal migration into the United States. For many Americans, it has been a long time waiting for practical and effective action to be taken against illegal immigration.

The New York Times has reported that President Trump’s rhetoric and hardline approach to immigration is discouraging potential refugees from wasting their finances and risking their lives on a dangerous illegal journey into the United States. It reported, albeit in its usual anti-Trump tone, that “The Mexican authorities recorded a 56 percent drop in the number of undocumented immigrants detained in their country—many of them presumably on their way to the United States—in the first four months of the Trump administration, compared with the same period last year,”

Trump’s effectiveness, unprecedented among previous Presidents, is made crystal clear by the fact that his rhetoric is enough to ensure a reduction in illegal immigration. His rhetoric, in combination with his action in cracking-down on illegals and tougher penalties, means he is already fulfilling his promises. This is supported by statistical evidence revealing that illegal immigration from Mexico went down by 40% in January-February this year.

The left is too distracted with criticising Trump’s political incorrectness, and are effectively oblivious to the fact that it his rhetoric that is contributing to a reduction in illegal migrants sexually assaulting a demographic that the left pretends to care about. And let’s not forget the female victims of rape, it is mainly our women who are suffering at the hands of violent foreign criminals.


Of course, many leftists make an argument that I personally understand and respect: should we not accept people who are leaving their countries to escape hardship and suffering? It is an argument characterised by compassion and kindness, and as a society with a Christian heritage, we quickly feel empathy when hearing this from refugee advocates. However, as well-intentioned as it may be, this argument is rendered superficial by the fact that accepting such people has negative consequences for both migrants and the people who already call our country home.

I ask the left (and many rightists), is it compassionate or kind to risk the lives and livelihoods of our countrymen and women in favour of accepting refugees? Does the safety and security of current inhabitants not matter to you? In Australia, it was only three months ago that an Afghan-born teenage refugee sexually assaulted nine women in the Gold Coast. The worst part is, the current trend of political correctness resulted in the judge avoiding convicting the teenager simply because he grew up in a different culture. It is our people who are suffering thanks to a refugee intake.

Many would argue that sexual assaults happen no matter what. That is true, but that does not mean we will turn a blind eye to criminal activity that we could’ve avoided had we implemented tougher migration laws. And that is what Trump is doing, and that is why all those so-called “feminists” should be flocking to his side. Does the safety of women not matter to them anymore?

Donald Trump has ignored these apparently confused feminists and enforced tougher immigration laws, including his much-criticised crackdown of illegal migrants. During the first three months of Trump’s administration, immigration arrests rose by 38%. This came as a result of the President’s astute decision to reverse an Obama-era policy that directed law enforcement to ignore illegal migrants in favour of other more severe criminals. What Obama failed to consider was the fact that many severe criminals constituted of illegal migrants themselves.

Many of Obama’s defenders may respond to his critics by stating that he deported more illegal migrants than any other President. While this is true, it must be emphasised that Obama essentially admitted the failure of his immigration policy by asking Mexico to more effectively crackdown on border-crossers. This was due to a surge in illegal migrants thanks to his executive action that deferred deportation for illegal immigrants who were parents of minors born in or naturalised in the US.

Another careless act performed by the former Obama administration involved increasing the US refugee cap to 85 000 heads. Trump, following on from his vow to reduce refugee intake, drastically lowered the cap to 50 000 heads, the lowest in decades. It’s about to reach its limit this week as the US expects to accept its 50000th refugee. A reduction in refugee intake, and a crackdown on illegal migration, means a drastic reduction in unnecessary government spending.

The reduction in illegal immigration has been great news for the United States, coming just in time for Independence Day. It is an example of Donald Trump delivering on his key election promises despite the left and the mainstream media constantly focusing on unnecessary topics such as the Russia controversy. The United States finally has a President that cares for its people, and is prepared to take the necessary action needed in order to preserve the safety and security of his people.

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