The Unshackled wishes you a happy Fourth of July


It brings us great joy to wish our American readers a happy Independence Day. Let us take this time to remember the foundations, values, and traditions the United States was established upon. It was on this day, 241 years ago, that the Declaration of Independence was signed in order to signify the founding of a new country based on the values of liberty, unity and prosperity.

The United States of America was founded on various tenets, many of which continue to be emphasised and upheld to this day, albeit facing threats from an internal enemy seeking to manipulate or destroy them. Free enterprise continues to be practiced, yet its position is slowly being undermined thanks to a plethora of regulations and taxes that have been enforced over decades. America, despite its reputation as the beacon of capitalism, is outdone in this respect by nine other countries.

Free speech continues to be eroded, with the proponents of political correctness and leftist identity politics attempting to prevent the airing of criticisms, offensive language or unpleasant truths. This not only harms individual free speech, but harms designated victim groups by taking away their opportunity to handle criticisms and develop a strong mind. Freedom of association is facing similar threats, the most common example being businesses sued for choosing not to partake in same-sex weddings or accommodating transgender bathrooms in facilities.

One of the biggest tenets ravaged under decades of corruption involves America’s position in the international political sphere. The most prominent Founding Father of the United States, George Washington, wished America to remain distant from other states and “have with them as little political connection as possible”. It is easy to see why Washington gave this warning, for the violation of this cautionary phrase has proved to be disastrous for many parts of the world, but the United States especially.

Amidst these dangerous times, there is good news. The United States has elected a President that is keen on restoring these traditions to ensure the continued prosperity of his country. Donald Trump, despite recent actions on the contrary, is still intent on re-establishing US isolationism, the absence of which has regressed the nation to a dangerous level. He is also committed to restoring true American capitalism in an age where cronyism and collusion prevail. These goals are strongly evident in his immigration and tax policies, to mention a few, which are not just pragmatically sound, but morally superior.

It is our wish that President Trump delivers on his election promises and restores the United States to its former glory, where its citizens can appreciate the presence of diverse opinions and revel in the prosperity brought forth by free enterprise. As such, it is our pleasure to wish our American friends a happy Fourth of July, and we look forward for the revitalisation of your country under the auspices of a new and deserving President.

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