Once again the mainstream media is rampant with anti-Trump headlines attacking the legitimacy of Trump’s election as President. Oh wait. It always has been desperately attacking Trump even after he became President-Elect last month, and there’s no sign of stopping. This time, the media is posting headline after headline hitting the public with the new CIA revelation that Russia interfered in the US election.

Well, that’s how the media puts it. “CIA concludes Russia interfered to help Trump win election, say reports” reads the Guardian headline. It makes it sound as if Russia actually rigged the US Presidential elections to help Trump win (as if America hasn’t done that to other countries), or that they colluded with the Trump campaign, when actually the CIA has concluded that individuals with connections to Russia provided Wikileaks with thousands of hacked emails to expose Hillary’s…shortcomings (that’s a polite understatement). With all this hysteria about fake news from the mainstream media, these headlines demonstrate that they are the ones who are the main promoters of fake news.

But I do have to say I feel some sympathy for Hillary. I mean, when it comes to what you do best, in this case influencing elections, no one wants to see competition. Why would she want to see Russia influencing other countries’ elections in a more effective and moral extent than the US has in other countries? Russia has used information acquisition and distribution as its method to make sure the American people chose the right person, but Hillary and her neocon gang have used violence and actual rigging. That’s the real problem.

But as I’m writing this sitting inside my airport lounge, I cannot help but think about all the poor souls who will be misled by those headlines. I actually first saw this in a news bulletin aired here in Singapore less than an hour after my flight landed. And to make it worse, think of all the lefties who will now be more empowered to protest on the streets and keep hashtagging #NotMyPresident and sign petitions and do all those annoying leftist shenanigans that contributed to Trump’s election in the first place.

But guess what Hillary, I don’t intend to culturally appropriate here when I gleefully exclaim “that’s karma”! Your attempts at changing the leadership of other countries, usually through the use of military force instead of just rigging elections, will cost you ultimately. And now it has. Too bad, so sad, hope you learned your lesson.

And just saying, I find it really interesting how the media usually pretends to love freedom of information, but starts attacking it as soon as it goes the wrong way for them. Russia gave Wikileaks hacked emails. So what? I understand it must feel real nasty for lefties and Clinton supporters, but suck it up. There are two problems here. First it’s the fact that lefties are getting triggered in the first place. If Russia did give Wikileaks all those emails, it’s a good thing. We should be grateful for having this information in order to make an informed decision in voting between a billionaire and a warmonger. Second, it’s the fact that it took partially-authoritarian Russia to actually take the initiative and reveal the truth, instead of an actual statesman from America, the land of free speech itself. But lo and behold, the media is already on its way sensationalising the facts and misleading the public. This is the exact reason why the mainstream media has lost its dignity and credibility, because of its unrestrained and morally ignorant support of Hillary Clinton despite all her crimes. This is why many Americans are now turning to the new media for the truth about what is happening in their country.

Also, it’s ultimately the media’s job to reveal the truth, to tell people what their Presidential candidates have done. But the mainstream media has done such a good job at hiding the truth that it took the Russian government to expose the truth about what the American people’s political elites were up too. I wonder how that feels.

But just for the record, do you know who did ask the Russians to intervene in US elections? Ted Kennedy. He asked the Soviets to directly intervene against Reagan in favour of the Democrats in the 1984 US elections in return for getting help in dealing with Reagan. Just let this sink in.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with Russia providing Wikileaks with hacked emails that show Hillary and the Democrats for who they really are: corrupt and evil. I wholeheartedly thank Russia for helping the American people make an informed decision this election. Wikileaks was a major factor in allowing Donald Trump to become the 45th President of the USA. And that’s not called treason or injustice, it’s called freedom of information.







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