Progressives Demand “Christchurch” City Name Change- Deemed “Politically Incorrect”


Progressives are at it again. Since the Christchurch mosque shooting, liberals are up in arms demanding name changes for the city. This comes after the first target by the liberal twitter mob, which had in its sights the local ruby union team, “Crusaders”. But it seems that this isn’t far enough for liberals as they consider the entire city to be Politically Incorrect with its now Islamophobic name- Christchurch.

According to various sources including the Sydney Morning Herald, “The Canterbury-based club adopted their name 23 years ago when rugby went professional, but progressives have raised questions over its associations with the medieval religious wars between Christians and Muslims since the attacks”.

It’s not the first time that liberals have called for
changing of names or censoring language in the name of Political Correctness.
In the United States, liberals have engaged in an ongoing lawless program of
tearing down historical landmarks. They have been targeting Confederate statues
and defacing WW2 memorials to fallen soldiers.

Political correctness is also starting to dictate who can
cross borders.
The Milo Yiannopoulos, Gavin McInnes and Tommy Robinson tour was cancelled
after the free speech police thought the views, they expressed were top extreme
for the Australian ear.

This comes after a series of bizarre requests and decisions

  • A
    that changed gingerbread men to ‘gingerbread people’
  • A
    Catholic school
    that was forced to ban words mother and father
  • Clapping
    and applause was banned
    by the National Union of Students’ Women’s Campaign
    over concerns that it could ‘trigger anxiety’ among nervous students
  • Yoga is considered colonialism and western

The progressive political correct push against the names “Christchurch” and “Crusaders” is just another attack in the latest in the wave of ongoing attacks by the politically correct advocates.

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