President Trump Defies Hillary/Obama – Wipes ISIS off Map


Islamic State in Syria would be “gone by tonight”, said President Donald Trump on the White House lawn. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s crazed Caliphate, which total territory at its height rivaled the size of Portugal, has been crushed by the Trump administration, President Donald Trump announced.  

While the mainstream media complains that Robert Mueller is somehow “corrupt” for not showing evidence of a Trump, Putin collusion, they are ignoring the big news, ISIS is almost, and by the typing of this report, most probably has been eliminated.

ISIS was a major issue in the presidential campaign. President Trump promiseed to “Get ISIS first”, and according to the latest Department of Defence and Pentagon defence reports, Donald Trump has announced victory.  

During the presidential campaign Donald Trump said he would “Bomb
the Shit” out of ISIS. The President has come though on this promise.   

 You can see what he

Trumps ISIS Plan

In a recent release of
Tweets, via the Whitehouse Twitter and on Fox News, President Trump announced to
the world that:

“I brought this
out for you — this is a map of everything in the red, this was on election
night, in 2016, everything red is ISIS. When I took it over it was a mess now
on the bottom it’s the exact same. There is no red,”    

“In fact there is
a tiny spot which will be gone by tonight,” Trump said.

Check out this White
House Tweet concerning the release:  

Trump showed off this map concerning the demise of ISIS. The final point on the
map was pushed out by Kurdish-led forces late last night.

 ISIS was extreme and brutal.
They need to be held to account for their war crimes. You must remember that they:

  • They made chemical weapons
  • They destroyed ancient cities and priceless
  • Slaughtered children

  • They killed gay men by hurling them off
  • They murdered Shiites who pray in mosques
  • They executed their own soldiers
  • They kidnaped women and sell them as sex slaves
    or force them to marry ISIS fighters
  • They burned pilots in cages
  • They trafficked in black market organs
  • They recruited child soldiers

Trump had announced in December that he intended to remove
all 2,000 troops from Syria, declaring that ISIS was mostly defeated, but he
was criticized by some within his party for being too hasty, of which he had already
hit Obama hard on during the campaign.

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