Phone Thrown at Trump at NRA Conference


United States President Donald Trump had a mobile phone thrown at him while addressing the National Rifle Association (NRA) Conference in Indiana. The alleged perpetrator William Rose was removed by Secret Service agents and was later arrested.

It is unknown what the motive of Rose was in throwing the phone but it is believed he was intoxicated, suggesting he may have been an NRA member and not a leftist agitator. The investigation is ongoing and is being treated as major security breach.

Trump announced at the NRA Conference that the United States was withdrawing from the Arms Trade Treaty which the NRA has opposed believing it to undermine the Second Amendment. “We’re taking our signature back” Trump told the cheering crowd.

Many American liberals gloated in the irony that only a phone was thrown at Trump given that no guns are allowed on the convention floor, arguing his life was saved by gun control at a pro-gun meeting. Of course the President was protected by other guys with guns.

Many people are comparing the phone being thrown at Trump to the shoes that were thrown at President George. W Bush by an Iraqi journalist during a news conference with Iraq Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki in 2008.

The shoe throwing was emulated by audience member on Q&A in 2010 aimed at former Prime Minister John Howard accusing him of being a war criminal over his involvement in the Iraq War.

In 2013 when Julia Gillard was trying to sell her Gonski school funding packages by visiting various schools when she had sandwiches thrown at by students at two different schools. Both students were suspended.

More notable recently was egging of Fraser Anning at a Melbourne meeting of his Conservative National Party by teenager Will Connolly which he was cautioned for by Victoria Police.

Certainly security around our politicians can only offer so much protection and if there is some nitwit who wants to projectile something at them these incidents will occur from time to time. Even the US President is not immune.

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