Petition to ‘De-Register the Greens Party’ Removed

A petition to de-register the Greens party that received over 34,000 signatures was shut down yesterday, after the author received death threats.

The Greens

A petition to de-register the Greens party that received over 34,000 signatures was shut down yesterday, when the author came on the receiving end of coordinated death threats and threats to his wife along with mass flagging from disgruntled users.

The petition entitled ‘De-register the Greens Party’ was formed in response to the Greens blaming climate change for the devastating bush fires ravaging the country while a huge number of them have been deliberately lit. Australia doesn’t have a climate change problem, it has an arsonist problem.

Last week I covered how the ABC attempted to memoryhole a story on protesters who successfully browbeat the department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning into reducing planned fuel reduction burns around Gippsland from 370 down to only 9 hectares.

The Greens Petition

Keep in mind that while the prime minister doesn’t have the power to de-register a political party, petitions aren’t so much binding documents as they are mandates of approval. A petition is like a public opinion poll to express public outrage or support. Merriam-Webster defines a petition as ‘an earnest request’.

Screenshot of the original petition

As you can see above, the official explanation given for the removal of the petition is that it received flags from users that the statements in the petition “may be contested” and urged users to research the issue before signing.

Alleged Death Threats

I attempted to track down the originator of the petition for comment, but he has de-activated his social media accounts. For his privacy and safety, I will not mention his name. What follows is an excerpt from an exchange between myself and the author of this new petition of the same name. (Update: this petition has just been taken down too)

(Update #2 there is a new one here)

“He said that he received death threats from heaps of people and that his wife started getting messages also and heaps of friend requests from leftwing people. His wife had her work on her profile apparently and they threatened to go to her work, so he took it down. Before I knew it his profile was gone”

Left Wing Bigots & Extremists Exposed

This sort of co-ordinated harassment campaign by the left is shocking, but not unprecedented. It is a behaviour connected to ‘doxxing’ or releasing a person’s private or publicly available information to those who would use it for ill. In this case like others seen before, it involves the harassment a person’s source of employment to intimidate a political opponent to back down.

Last year friend of The Unshackled Dia Beltran had her employer bombarded with complaints after she had taken part in a stunt with Neil Erikson. She was eventually relieved of her employment with them.

The Pathology of a Doxxer

A high-profile individual who engages in this mob ‘justice’ is US-based Twitter user ‘Anti-Fash Gordon’, who was revealed last year to be Christian Exoo.

Christian Exoo is a privileged son on a University professor with a cushy librarian job that gives him access to student records.
@AntiFashGordon has been Accused of Blackmail, Saying the N-Word and Creepy Behavior Towards Underage Girls. Hopefully this gives you a glimpse into the pathology of the sorts of people who engage in and derive pleasure from anonymously ruining the lives of those they disagree with.

Completely unrelated image. Ignore.

I’ll bet whomever was behind this coordinated harassment and intimidation campaign, they are all patting each other on the backs and congratulating each other for another ‘victory’.

Who could be behind this? I guess we’ll never know…

While there is no conclusive evidence yet regarding why the petition to ‘De-register The Greens Party’ was removed, we will update you as soon as possible.

The new petition can be found here. If you liked this piece, you may also enjoy my colleague Lucas Rosas’ analysis of the bush fire situation here.

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