Our politicians have prioritised same sex marriage over the Australian people


Recently, I have been feeling quite invisible. I have been feeling as if I have lost my voice. I understand such thoughts and feelings are normal for someone of my age. Sometimes we feel invisible to our parents, friends, peers, it’s all just a part of life. But this superficially pubescent perception of my feelings is not valid. I have not been feeling invisible because it’s just part and parcel of being an adolescent, I have been feeling invisible because our politicians down in Canberra seem to be under the impression that the Australian people do not exist.

That is the only logical conclusion I can arrive at having been told that various Liberal Party MPs are trying to push for a free vote on same sex marriage in parliament. They have the nerve to subvert the will of the people, the people who put them into their taxpayer-funded positions in the first place, and deny them their right to have a democratic say on this contentious issue.

This all comes after a private members bill was put together by those who prioritise same sex marriage over the Australian people, was revealed to be in the works this week. This is to be followed by Liberal MPs raising the matter in a party room meeting when Paraliment resumes next week.

If the pro-gay marriage cabal is denied a free vote, these so-called representatives of the Australian people will cross the floor in parliament to make it happen. We do not know if this means they will take the unprecedented step of voting with Labor to suspend standing orders in the House of Representatives. This is despite the fact that the Liberal Party, and Malcolm Turnbull to his credit, have continued to stick behind their election promise of holding a plebiscite as this country happens to be a democracy.

This phenomenon stems out from another greater trend that has been lately spotted within the Liberal Party: the coming out of fake conservatives. Recently, Senator Dean Smith used the Sunday Times to reveal his intention to introduced a private members bill in parliament to introduce same sex marriage. Funnily enough, he opposes the plebiscite despite stating that “the electorate is the best gauge of authenticity” regarding the issue. This has somehow prompted him to perform a feat of mental gymnastics by enthusiastically denying us our right to have a democratic say and our government’s promise to make that a reality.

Let us also not forget about George Brandis and Christopher Pyne, who explicitly stated that to a gathering of leftist Liberals that their “friends” in Canberra were already plotting on a way to bring about same sex marriage by keeping the people out of the equation. The “friends” he refers to are of course the people affiliated with the Liberal Party’s currently dominant left-faction. Nowhere is it more clear that the party has been infiltrated by the enemy, who is working on bringing this respected party under the wing of the cultural Marxists.

As mentioned earlier, the Prime Minister has continued to support the plebiscite despite his personal views on same sex marriage. This is the one of few areas where the Prime Minister has displayed some level of integrity and respect for the Australian people. But it seems the Liberal Party may have to endure another leadership spill if the Prime Minister is unable to prevent rogue MPs from crossing the floor against the party. Conservative MPs have threatened to hold a leadership spill if this betrayal manifests in parliament through a free vote. The Prime Minister’s position is now in limbo.

Do you know what that means? That means the people will become even further disillusioned by the Liberal Party, allowing Labor to have an even greater chance of winning the next election. We all know what would happen to this country if Labor is to emerge victorious in the next election. From McManusstan to greater restrictions on free speech, a Labor government will wreak havoc, same sex marriage would also not be the end of the progressive agenda. Further division in the Liberal Party will give the opposition the upper hand next year, and a leadership spill is sure to see them win.

These shenanigans occurring within the Liberal Party is only going to disadvantage the people of this country. We are the ones who will pay the price as a result of the Liberal Party’s ineffective preselection methods and gradual caving in to the left. It is an insult to see that some of our representatives have chosen to completely ignore the Australian people in favour of having their little moments of fame and abusing their positions and the Australian people who placed them there. If the plebiscite on same sex marriage is not honoured, how can we ever trust the Liberal Party to champion conservative values?


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