Op-Ed: Darebin Council, I’m Transgender and I’m Not Your Political Tool


Dear (Greens-led) Darebin Council,

The path to Hell is paved with good intentions, so why do you even bother with pet projects like the trans-only swim night? Do you really care about trans people? Or do you virtue signal to make you feel better about yourself at the expense of trans people (and how they’re perceived in the public eye)?

Just to clarify, I’m a transsexual woman with a history of gender dysphoria. That means I have a medical condition, not a political tool for you to use and abuse. Growing up as a ‘boy’, I was desperate to be one of the girls, to present and be treated as a girl. I wanted to fit in society as a girl. That’s what it means to have gender dysphoria: to (try to) resolve the dysphoria in order to be part of society, not to segregate from society. Unfortunately, segregation pet projects don’t just encourage identity politics.

Throughout Western history, trans people have been unfairly discriminated against, ostracised, etc, you get the idea. Fortunately, we’ve come a long way from the bad old days, but the postmodernist experiment has led to the push for special treatment policy that legitimises the same historical ostracisation. What the?

Have we become so weak in our common sense that we’ve succumbed to sensitivity ideology, thereby handing trans people a free pass on taking little personal responsibility to build their resilience? There are creative ways for trans people to dress appropriately for the beach/swimming pool (Google it) – I dress appropriately at these places myself, and still have fun. These alternatives may not be ideal, but this is an issue for trans people to deal with themselves; coddling trans people at the expense of the general population does not build their resilience.

Whether it’s identity politics, or the legitimisation of historical ostracisation, they all naturally have unintended consequences. In the age of sex and gender ‘fluidity’, the other problem to this pet project is that it would incentivise tranny chasers and other creeps to attend, in disguise of sorts, the trans-only swims nights to indulge in their sexual pursuits at the expense of the trans attendees. Again, why bother with such a self-defeating exercise?

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