After the full bench of the High Court of Australia quashed Cardinal George Pell’s child sex conviction 7-0 last week you would expect some reflection by the media, in particular the ABC?

But what we’ve seen is many senior journalists, academics and people of influence either saying nothing, deflecting or continuing in their quest to get their man. There is declining trust in institutions in Victoria. The presumption of innocence and the principles of Western law senior journalists are hurling aside. Their juvenile positions are being pushed.

Former ABC Insiders Host Barrie Cassidy claimed that Pell was released due to legal technicalities, and Pell was not found innocent.


Not technicalities. It is called actualities. The High Court quashed those decisions earlier as wrong. Full stop. Cassidy is desperately running to the defence of hid ABC

There will be many questions over this media pile on in the quest for Pell, the Victorian Police conduct and how the system got it so wrong. There are worrying claims in Victoria that the Victorian Police have become politicized and there has been abuses of power.

Dan Andrews after the High Court ruling stated that “we believe you, we hear you”.


There was not in the slightest any reflection on an innocent man losing his freedom and even a brief discomfort or consideration that the system got it wrong-nothing! This case should be an indictment on the Victorian Police and Dan Andrews.

Dan Andrews and the left at large think every complainant of sexual abuse is true and we must believe all of it. Sadly, most reports are untruthful. Many complainants are intentionally untrue. Many people seek large cash settlements and attention. Some are susceptible to the suggestion of therapists, lawyers, press or adult coaching. These cases are abundant.

Emotions and feelings are what seems to matter to Andrews. Transparent feelings are what matter most-believe all victims. Call all complainants victims no matter what they say.

We have a legal system based on facts, logic, and precedent as opposed to feelings and hysteria. The ever-changing world of feelings is not how you run a system, Dan Andrews. Dan Andrews says, come forward all you victims, point fingers and we will pursue with our progressive feelings agenda whilst destroying our enemies.

The High Court ruling 7-0 is a repudiation of the Victorian institutions and a condemnation of the orchestrated process by many to bring down Pell. The Victorian Police it is claimed by many, undertook a trawling expedition hunting for complainants. Going after crimes that do not exist is not how our system should operate.

The continual attacks on the Catholic Church and myths must be exposed. The relentless press gives the impression that the Catholic Church is a big pedophile ring. Nearly all cases of Catholic abuse of children occurred before the 1980s. In the USA the church went from about 660 cases in the 1970s to 1 case per year since 2014. A child has an extremely low chance of being molested in a Catholic Church or other church setting.

A child has a much higher chance of molestation by known relatives,  daycare settings, sports clubs, and other settings than in a church affiliated setting. Nearly all cases against the Catholic Church have not even reached a higher court and have not been prosecuted because the complainant’s claims were found to be impossible.

Many people have had their lives ruined through false allegations or vengeful calculating complainants. People are sometimes found guilty based on allegations alone.

Many who are making false allegations are not being brought to account. Many complaints are made due to-anger, vengeance, financial gain, mental health issues, drug or alcohol abuse and so on. Many who make false allegations are so determined to win that they will say anything. It is a horrible weapon. 

Louise Milligan wrote a book called Cardinal which I have read. The book formed the basis of many of the ABC’s reporting of the Pell trials. This book is full of libel. It is based on unsubstantiated claims.

When Gerard Henderson Director of the Sydney Institute and operator of its Media Watch Dog blog questioned Milligan’s claims she ran back to her publisher (Melbourne University Press). Milligan will only appear in environments where she will not be questioned by legal experts or other journalists.

The ABC promoted this book. The publication received prizes even though its analysis is comprised of words like complainant X is reliable because he has good eyes. Prizes and awards for this book should be revoked.


Lastly, the continued Twitter defamation and slander against George Pell needs to be exposed. The vile vitriol that is going into overdrive on online is disgusting. You are here named and shamed. 

This is an ‘abridged’ list of names: Tim Minchin (song re Pell), The Chaser, Clementine Ford and of course Louise Milligan’s twitter feed along with her book.

Instead of the ABC and others reflecting on a ruling which was a strong criticism and finding on the system, they still backtrack, speak of technicalities, and wish for further investigation. These are senior well-known journalists and academics.  They appear to be showing disregard for the law and do not reflect how the system bungled it up so badly. 

George Pell will finally be able to speak for himself when his interview with Andrew Bolt airs on Sky News tomorrow night at 7pm.

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