Oil Giant Total Builds Border Wall in France To Keep Illegal Migrants Out Of The UK


Oil giant Total is building a three meter high steel wall around its gas station in Calais, France. According to Total officials, the wall is a necessary safety measure because the parking lot is being used by human traffickers to pick up illegal immigrants who want to enter the United Kingdom.

Newspaper Nord Littoral posted a picture of the wall being constructed on its
social media page.

The location of this particular gas
station is very strategic to migrants who want to enter through the English
port of Dover. The Total gas station has been used as pit stop by people trying
to get to the UK by boarding lorries before heading to the town’s port, on
their way across the English Channel.

The human traffickers hoard the
illegal immigrants into their trucks.

Total officials said the wall would
protect the customers, company staff, as well as the migrants who venture into
the gas station.

The company disclosed the
construction was approved by Fabien Sudry, the prefect of Pas –de-Calais, who
strongly supports the decision of Total to build the wall:

“The construction of the wall is the
result of the presence on this site of migrants and traffickers. Traffickers
take advantage of this station near the port to get migrants in the trucks.”

Critics have been comparing the
construction to U.S President Donald Trump’s dream of building a wall along the
Mexican border.

People who are against the wall have
called it “ugly” and “divisive”. Some have voiced their opinion that Total’s
move had purely political motives.

According to the latest statistics,
there are currently 600 migrants in Calais. 
Recently, migrants set fire to a lorry near the French town in an
attempt to create a diversion while attempting to sneak on board. A Bulgarian driver
was seriously injured after being dragged from his truck which was set on fire.

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