War Of The Words: Salvini Labels Macron A “Bad President”


Italy and France have taken their war of words to a new level. Italian Deputy Prime Minister, Matteo Salvini has labeled French President, Emmanuel Macron a “Bad President” for hindering the growth and future prospects of the French people.

Salvini issued his statement on a video posted on his Facebook page on January 22:

“I hope that the French will be able to free themselves from a very bad president, and the opportunity is that on May 26 [the European elections] when finally the French people will be able to take back their future and their destiny, their pride, from evil represented by a character like [Emmanuel] Macron.”

Salvini, a native of Milan, likewise endorsed nationalist advocate and former Presidential candidate Marine Le Pen who lost to Macron in the 2016 elections:

 “It is not Matteo Salvini who will interfere in the French democracy, it will be the French. I hope they will choose someone more representative, serious, concrete, I think of Marine Le Pen.”

Ms. Le Pen and Salvini share the same political agenda and would be strong allies in the European front.

Italy’s Minister of Economic Development, Labor and Social Policy and head of the 5-star Movement (M5S) Luigi Di Maio, was even more direct.

Di Malo encouraged the protesting Yellow Vests, a collective of French people fed up with Macron’s policies to “Not falter”:

“Macron’s government is not up to expectations and some policies implemented are actually dangerous, not only for the French, but also for Europe. A new Europe is being born. That of Yellow Vests, that of movements, that of direct democracy. It’s a tough battle we can fight together.”

The French government called Italy’s de facto leader’s remarks “unacceptable” and called for Salvini to respect diplomatic “boundaries”.

“These unfounded statements should be read in the context of domestic Italian politics. They are unacceptable,” France’s foreign ministry spokeswoman Agnes von der Muhll said. 

She added that in order to maintain good relations between France and Italy, certain standards should be adhered to. 

The embattled Macron started out with the promise of being the new face of globalism but has since faltered due to his bumbling approach to the issue of immigration.

As it turns out Macron’s fiery rhetoric is just that: empty statements full of questions and without answers.

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