Obviously Rape Is Caused Purely By Toxic Masculinity


The above title is what the world and the media would have you believe. Rape is not the act of one evil, deranged lunatic but it is the unspoken predilection of all males – so men are to fight against their basic urges and never be male but instead demote themselves to a femininity that cannot and will not serve them in order to make the social justice warriors and feminists happy. There is however one problem with this outline: it is not practical, just imagine a world where our men have reduced themselves to inferior specimens of what their biology and psychology and social conditioning have called for them.

What do I mean when I say that? Well I do not personally know of any males who think raping and killing is a fun on the side activity and to suggest such a thing is legitimately deplorable and offensive and not a legitimate concern by any means. Masculinity is not the evil it is suggested to be by people like Daniel Andrews and the moronic feminists such as Lisa Wilkinson; in fact masculinity could have been used to save the life of Eurydice Dixon likewise with other cases that have claimed the lives of Australian women such as Jill Meagher, Masa Vukotic and Anita Cobby.

Men tend to default to the position of protector when they are with a woman, a child or a person of less physical ability and as much as feminists and the like attempt to assert that the two sexes are equal physically this is just a falsehood and it is ridiculous to measure the physical strength of a man to a woman as the differences include bone density, muscle mass and agility. Men are designed differently to women and men can work in our societies as heroes. Can you just imagine the accolades that would have been received if a man had heard what was happening to Eurydice and stepped in to save her life? He would have been praised and that would have served as an example of positive masculinity.

It is only natural that when something shocking occurs we all scream into the heavens and wonder why it is and what caused it and how can we better the situation? Well this was indeed the case regarding Eurydice Dixon the 22 year old lady who was raped and murdered on the 12th of June last Tuesday at Princes Park in Carlton.

It is actually impossible to make any sense out of it and attempting to do so simply confounds the senses. Sometimes these evil acts are carried out in an opportunistic moment and the only thing we can do is teach our own to be aware of their surroundings and ensure that they are safe.

It is no help to anybody to start blaming a whole entire collective when an individual committed the heinous act. Should it have made the news? Of course people need to be aware for their own families and loved ones what has occurred and where it has happened so to take the right precautions. Should the individual who committed this vile grotesque act be demonized by the general public? Well yes…right now we are all fuming as to what has occurred. Rape and then murder is simply reprehensible, not to mention a series criminal act. Should we blame all men for this crime? NO! By blaming all men, or masculinity you are essentially saying your, father, brother, cousin or friend is a secret rapist.

It is reductive to relegate an entire collective in this example (men) as one trait alone; the trait in this circumstance is a highly offensive one and an inaccurate one. When we do this to people of colour it is deemed offensive to reduce these communities to a singular trait or activity for example: Asians are all slow drivers or Indian people are all cheap. Most would condemn these stereotypes and say they know of people who do not fit that narrative. Well I know a lot of men and ALL of them find what happened to Eurydice Dixon as evil. The men I know are not to blame for what one man did, “toxic masculinity” is not a thing no matter how hard the feminists try to perpetuate their moronic propaganda in attempting to sell the vernacular.

The only toxic masculinity I am aware of exists in the Islamic world where men who get to rape women also get to stone them for being desirable and unable to control what it is they do to a man’s penis.

Let us bear in mind for a moment that whilst women are indeed at risk of being raped and hurt due to being the more fragile among the sexes it is not statistically accurate in terms of immediate danger as men are more than twice as likely to be killed. According to the ABS (Australian Bureau of Statistics) of 2016 which is the most recent statistics show that 86 women that year were killed due to some form of assault, in contrast to the male statistic which demonstrates that 162 men have been killed due to assault, this is twice the amount. But nobody seems to care about our men!

Women the public service announcement you should take away from this horrific rape and murder of Eurydice is that you must be more cautious and sensible regarding your surroundings. The advice given by the commissioner is not sexist or chauvinistic it is helpful, practical and sound advice. Any parent would tell their child the same thing; so when a figure of authority who works in this industry provides similar advice it is clearly to protect women not to insult them.

Women “should” a lot of things in today’s day and age but we need to live in the reality we exist in. Ladies, do not walk across a park unaccompanied late at night, do not walk to your car on your own at night unaccompanied. It is definitely good advice to be weary.

Masculinity could have saved Eurydice but instead her fateful decision and the actions of a sick man lead to her demise and it is extremely sad!

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