Where was the MSM when Obama tried to share classified information with Russia?


Trump has come under fire by the mainstream media yet again, this time with the Washington Post accusing the President of revealing top secret material to the Russian foreign minister and ambassador. The story was first reported in the Washington Post, with US officials apparently exposing that Trump revealed information regarding ISIS. As with all MSM stories centred on Trump, it was followed with a piece highlighting the apparent shock and disappointment of law-makers over the episode.

However, as always, the MSM is flaunting its hypocrisy by building a mountain out of a molehill on Trump’s actions, but reserving similar treatment for Obama. Despite being left-wing, equality does not seem to go down well with the MSM. Where was the mainstream media when Obama also wanted to share classify information on terrorists with Russia? Yet when similar allegations are made against Trump, the MSM ties itself in a knot.

Of course, this is not to say that such information-sharing is a bad thing. Cooperation between two powerful countries when it comes to eradicating terrorism is desired, and sharing of information is crucial for this process to occur. Yet when this concerns Trump, a seemingly normal act is twisted by the mainstream media and used as an opportunity to humiliate him in public.

This hypocrisy is further evident when looking at Obama’s sharing of top secret material with Hillary Clinton while she was running for President. Fox News was the only mainstream media organisation to reveal and discuss this information, while all other establishments remained silent. Clinton’s unjustified access to classified material began soon after she resigned as Secretary of State in 2013, with Senator Chuck Grassley saying her staff continued to have this privilege since after she officially ran for the campaign.

Of course, the left will dismiss the above simply because they’re allegations made by particular individuals, but they would accept the words of “US officials” as Gospel. They will receive the backing of their mainstream media in the process. The ultimate issue is the fact that Obama was only offering classified information if Russia stopped its alleged bombing of civilians (as if he didn’t). This makes his commitment to defeating ISIS conditional, while Trump’s willingness to cooperate with Russia is an unconditional commitment to defeating ISIS because he prioritises the safety of humanity over Cold War divisions.



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