The ever-expanding Aboriginal superstructure claims it is never about money. The truth is easily revealed if you simply look up its history. ATSIC used to burn several billion per year, which was squandered and put into the accounts of elites. Thankfully ATSIC was abolished in 2004.

Since 2008, when Rudd said sorry to the stolen generation, compensation claims have skyrocketed. The instigators and organisers of the push for Rudd to say sorry (yes, remember, the same Rudd who thought pink batts would save Australia and gave out cheques like water on a hot day) have continued to increase their demands from government.

Kevin Rudd the dud wiped away tears from his pudgy face and did the deed. Now he felt good about himself. Clearly he thought that about $35 billion per year is not enough.


The Stolen Generation is probably one of the best lies anyone has come up with in Australia’s history. It was concocted to get more money with not one scrap of proof. The trophies of that movement were all exposed as frauds. They have never produced one case of racially motivated child removal, yet teach it as FACT to school children and the Australian Bolshevik Collective (ABC) peddles it as fact.

Academics such as Robert Manne at Monash University have made a career out of it and have joined the sorry-Nazis and the extortion industry. The Stolen Generation claims have been to court more times than the worst repeat offender and each time are laughed out of court.


Reconciliation is simply a nice-sounding word for extortion. Does anyone know when it will be achieved? Ask 100 people on the street what it means and you will get 100 different answers.  Perpetual compensation is the goal. No matter how much, it will never be enough.

The fact is the Aboriginal industry will never admit to being reconciled because they simply do not want to be. It will continue to create a false history and find more bogeyman racists. It defines its existence.

Australians do not have the intestinal fortitude to say shove your sorry days, NAIDOC weeks, welcome to country and so on. None of the Aboriginal activists who make a good living out of the industry would ever forego benefits, grants, modern housing, nice cars and so on in favour of more traditional life.

They prefer all those things whilst still claiming their ways are best and more cultured. If Aboriginal ways are better and more enlightened, the best thing to do would be to prove it. Remember, when someone at work asks you to say we acknowledge the first peoples or asks you to attend a welcome to country ceremony, tell them to stick it where the sun doesn’t shine.

The Chinese, Vietnamese, many Africans, Arabs and so on have come to this country with nothing and thrived, often making money simply from the sweat of their brow and you expect them to hear this rubbish? Shut up with that perpetual whinging!


Australia has a cultural apartheid. Apartheid is all well and good, when done in reverse. There are quotas for educational institutions, extra funding, exemptions which other Australians cannot get, Aboriginal-only legal services, health clinics, medical services, a huge number of organisations, preference for Aboriginals in government employment, ceremonies and events using taxpayer dollars and welcome to country nonsense.

A lot of Australia is under native title, where Aboriginals do not pay rent, but if other Australians were using the land, they would pay rent.

The left loves victims. They define it. Ask those on the left how they plan to build their utopia with more and more people wanting government assistance in their lives and not being self-reliant. They simply do not want Aboriginals standing on their own two feet. They want them subservient and needing of their virtuous help. It is power and control.

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