My Child is Not the Education Departments Lab Rat?!


It would be nice to see some actual FACTS being put back in Aussie classrooms and the biological binary of sex, sexuality and gender, being recognised as the natural norm not a societal construct to experiment with or break.

I refer to the decision in New South Wales to remove gender theory which was also part of the Safe Schools Program, from all primary and secondary classrooms, and I applaud the recognition that:
1. It is just an “extreme social theory”
2. Protections already exist for diverse individuals
3. Personal development and maturity is an individual process.
4. The evidence and program presented by the Safe Schools Coalition and La Trobe has been found to be lacking in social integrity, misleading, potentially damaging and socially, morally and ethically irresponsible.

BUT There are a few things I think need further investigation and explanation before we relax too much…
Why are South Australia, Victoria and the ACT charging ahead with incorporating the “Safe Schools Ideology” in various areas of Government School policy and curriculum?

We all need to demand an explanation as to why they WANT to continue to take our children away from academic learning, an area Australia is rapidly slipping in on the global rankings and feed our children lies about gender, sexual identity, development, relationships and politics, even after the lies and potential developmental damage has been exposed in these programs?

Numerous resources specifically designed for the Safe Schools Program by LaTrobe are being pushed by Safe Schools Coalition affiliates in most states and territories. eg the Alien Video is recommended by WA Aids who provide sex ed resources to WA schools.

In an interview written just days before the Safe Schools Coalition team was officially dropped by the Victorian Government, Roz Ward, a childless Marxist of the original campaign said “People can debate the theory, but it’s just theory.”
Ward even admits an increase in “transtrending” because of peer/social pressure, a natural desire to be part of the group, stating “I don’t think it’s inconsistent to talk about how some of those ideas have come from all of the social pressure about gender but it is so intense for these young people’’. This being the case, why are we still fighting to stop our kids being used as lab rats for the Safe Schools Gender Experiment??

Andrew Barr, Daniel Andrews and numerous other far-left appeasing leaders have dismissed any and all opposition as bigoted, religious, right wing homophobes, refusing to acknowledge even the program creators own admissions that they don’t really know what effect this will have on long term personal development, bullying rates, suicide, depression, relationships or family of children or even that it will not in fact cause more confusion/distress than it solves in our young.

Safe Schools is in fact, an SOCIAL EMOTIONAL BULLYING PROGRAM. The public has been told, if you don’t want Safe Schools you want children to DIE! Students have been told if their parents or themselves are uncomfortable with Safe Schools ideology and related sessions and discussions “they must be homophobic”.

The program propaganda which includes the erroneous WTi3 papers and Blues to Rainbows presentation has applied a liberal dose of politically correct virtue signalling, assuming hatred and intolerance of opponents, to prevent ANY open argument to the sexually charged nature of the topic being presented or widely heard.

It is a tactic that is working, with some parents very distressed by the aggressive response they have received by just inquiring about the program and the associated resources being used as part of the curriculum for their children. The lack of information beyond this aggressive and often very dismissive response by schools has many parents upset, concerned and angry.

From the outset, this material is manipulative and designed to deconstruct the child’s’ current understanding of themselves and their natural place. It dismisses and confuses the child’s’ personal development as being forced upon them by parents and the patriarchal society, while conferring special status, protections and privileges on those who do suddenly find themselves feeling “confused” or “fluid” or” same sex attracted”, “gender and sexuality are a spectrum and fluid” and “no one can tell you what you are…. especially not your parents….”, So this will not confuse a 10yo?? What about a 5 yo??
Will it be causing trust issues between some developing teens and their parents??

You have to look hard to find any mention of:
• The high incidence of co-morbidity such as depression, psychosis, addictions and other medical issues that frequently appear along side transgenderism.
• The statistically more abusive and unstable relationships of LGBTI.
• The risks associated with abortion or pregnancy options as they like to put it …. sounds so much nicer right?!
• The use of hormone blockers and health effects, the effect on brain development and on long term bone health are just two areas to be seriously considered that are not brought up!
• The equally high rate of post operative trans suicides (often due to untreated issues beyond GiD)
• STI risks that are not “easily fixed”

It has been admitted, it’s not about antibullying it’s about changing natural sexual and reproductive instincts, warping that development into shallow socialist style thinking and activism. In my opinion its time the federal government stepped in, call it for abuse of children that it is, and ban the use of this THEORY in ANY school in Australia!!
Roz Ward and the Safe Schools Coaltion were actively encouraging the use of the Safe Schools gender theory in non-participating schools right up until their dismissal in December 2016. They have bragged about training over 12,000 staff to deliver Safe Schools ideology, that is a lot of political gender theory going under the radar in Aussie classrooms and confusing our vulnerable, precious children.

With a number of non “safe schools” already presenting resources or in some cases inviting, Safe Schools affiliates to talk to junior secondary students about their gender and sexuality choices, parents from ALL states and territories need to remain vigilant and most importantly ask exactly what is being taught in your individual school. Hold your School Leadership accountable for any social and political messages delivered to your children in the classroom, you have a right to know about it all!

Here are some more incidents and facts from the past 12 months….
• LaTrobe have been removed from their association with the program, but LaTrobe research, statistics, Gender Theory, Safe Schools Coalition resources and its affiliated service providers are still, for the most part, in place unchanged.
• Two separate schools in ACT, junior high students were taught safe schools style subjects to spread diversity and stop bullying and to object to the content was homophobic. One even offers confidential medical access to students.
• Mother of a Junior Primary student repeatedly flashed by a male student is told to “get over it all boys do that”
• Once an ACT high school had started the subject, a parent’s young daughter suddenly receives explicit adult wear in mail (sudden change in child’s behaviour).
• Year 1 students watch RuPaul Drag Queens (MA 15+) for wet weather activity.
• Numerous incidence of inappropriate sexualised behaviour in Safe Schools by minors.
• Flinders University experiment with exposing children to transgenderism through Fairy Stories and despite most children not understanding the content they recommended it should be taught to all Primary students.
• There are two students transitioning into p-10 government school in 2017 but no strategies for protection of younger students’ individual development in place after 6 months questioning. I hope they “came up with something over the holidays” when they “did some training” quotes from Principal.
• Students in many schools allowed to walk out during the “offensive to some??” Australian National Anthem.
• ACT English class uses Victorian Teacher resource notes to learn that character assassination and emotional manipulation are more effective and important in persuasive writing and debating than facts and evidence.
• 13yo girls describe practising “putting condoms on dildos” in Health (their words not mine)
• ACT Education Directorate confirmed they DO NOT check any material used in ACT schools unless a policy breach by a school or provider is reported.
• Australia Day is referred to as Invasion Day and a day for white guilt.
• American politics was discussed in many class levels, prior to their election, those opposed to Hillary ridiculed.
• ACT High School sends home notes at the end of term “All students may wear uniform of their choice”
• Segregated classes of boys and girls, boys learn they are misogynists and prone to assaulting women, the girls do body image and fat acceptance (not health related image/identity)
• A Victorian primary school sends home sneaky note at end of term … no skirts or dresses in 2017 – not gender diverse enough.
• One Nation and Patriot organisations referred to as racist and or hate groups in New South Wales primary school curriculum item.
• Prior to commencement of 2017 school year, South Australia writes much of the Safe Schools Colation gender education recommendations into SA Education policy.
• A number of ACT parents report dismissive or aggressive interactions with School and Youth Leaders and ACTSSC when enquiring about Safe Schools in ACT schools.
• ACT Government School doesn’t acknowledge Remembrance Day, tells children the day before there will be no minutes silence the next day.
• Teachers for Refugees makes headlines – how many people know this was a deliberate political campaign for open borders from UNESCO targeting our children’s emotions?!
• Safe Schools Coalition uses the tragic suicide of an unhappy Queensland teen to try and manipulate public opinion.

by Kat A Klayton – Safe Schools, Australian Law & Our Kids

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