Migrant Riots Continue To Rage In Grenoble


Riots continue to raze the city of Grenoble in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region of France. Violent protests erupted after two migrants aged 17 and 19, died during a high speed chase. The two were crushed between a bus and the wall of a bridge when the bus tried to clear the way for police cars.

Recently, authorities declared a “Codis crisis” which required large-scale interventions. Some 55 firefighters were mobilized to extinguish 14 vehicle fires.

Rioters vandalized the façade of establishments with messages that read: “The police kill the youth of tomorrow”, “You will pay”, “No mercy for the pigs” and “500 euros for each policeman killed”.

Protest rallies quickly escalated to violent outbursts with participants setting fire to vehicles and attacking law enforcement agents with Molotov cocktails, fireworks and gasoline bombs.

Police used tear gas and LBDs to disperse the rioters who were predominantly Muslim.  At least 65 vehicles were torched during the unrest.

Initial reports show that the two deceased teenagers were traveling without helmets. Authorities also found out that their scooter was a stolen one and in fact, did not have a license plate.

CCTV footage is being reviewed and investigators released details from the interview with the bus driver.

The driver claimed to have cut off the scooter to the right when he saw the two being followed by the police. The two fugitives tried to overtake him on the right and thus, got caught between the bus and the parapet.

The prosecution said that the police intervention was totally justified and stated that a high speed chase wouldn’t have transpired if the migrants had not put other road users in danger.

The official stressed that the migrants sped past red lights, drove on the sidewalk and at very fast speeds.

Public prosecutor, Eric Vaillant dismissed floating theories on the cause of the teenagers’ deaths, because the investigation has already begun:

“I am not targeting any offense committed by one or the other.”

Vaillant also shared with reporters that he spoke with the relatives of the two youths on Sunday evening.

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