Ever since Triple M decided to fill the music countdown void on Australia Day after Triple J made the decision to move its Hottest 100 countdown from Australia Day the leftie Lynch mob that pervades social media has been after them.

So far Triple M has stood firm but unfortunately for them the left have found the perfect critics for their decision, their own on air staff. FM radio hosts are firmly of the cultural left, as any conservative politician who has run the FM radio gauntlet will tell you. It looks as if Triple M’s hosts are no different.

First it was Wil Anderson on Triple M Melbourne’s Hot Breakfast who spoke out against the Ozzest 100. Now drive presenters Jane Kennedy and Mick Molloy have joined in on speaking out against their employers. They also invited on indigenous musician Dan Saltan to talk about how offensive Australia Day was to his people.

Mick Molloy used the opportunity to state his personal support for changing the date of Australia Day “I’m speaking for myself here, but I would like to see Australia Day moved so everyone can enjoy it. If you want to do it, include everyone. Keep the public holiday, remove the date and everyone can enjoy it together”.

The left will particularly delight in Molloy’s intervention given his persona as a typical loudmouth Aussie larrkin who was the unofficial Mayor of Richmond after their grand final win.

They will claim his support represents that changing Australia Day is not just an idea of the inner city latte left. Despite the fact that 85% of Australians support keeping Australia Day on January 26.

But the reality is Mick Molloy has cucked out. He has been captured by the left and now represents them. He has met a similar fate to another purported Aussie larrkin Karl Stefanovic who now parrots the left’s social justice causes.

Molloy may now get some slaps on the back from his media mates but his standing amongst his listenership and comedic following will now take a battering.

The left believe now that they have both Triple M’s breakfast and drive hosts against the Ozzest 100 the network will soon capitulate. They have achieved this before with other companies such as Coopers Brewery over their sponsoring of a Bible Society debate on same sex marriage.

If Triple M does cancel the Ozzest 100 then it will confirm that our media and corporate world are totally captured by the cultural left and the views of ordinary Australians count for nothing.

You can bet our politicians would use it as further proof that changing the date has widespread support. God help Australia if we reach a point where we can’t even play Australian music on Australia Day. Australia Day 2018 will need all the support from the public it can get to survive the everlasting attacks on it.

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