Meryl Streep played the victim card at her Golden Globes virtue signalling moment


Meryl Streep has had another attention grabbing moment in the spotlight blasting the world with her virtue signalling. She began her speech by saying “I’ve lost my voice”. Too bad that didn’t prevent her from her virtue signalling rampage where she accused Trump of something he didn’t even do. She has displayed to the world how gullible she is to the false narratives distributed by the mainstream media, such as Trump’s alleged mocking of a New York Times reporter for being disabled.

Just for the record, Donald Trump did not mock a reporter for being disabled. Earlier, as this video explains, he did the same thing to criticise Ted Cruz as well as an army general, both of whom are not disabled. But leave it to the mainstream media and leftists in general to claim that he was mocking a reporter for being disabled.

But back to Meryl, it’s her spotlight. Referring to Trump, Streep said “There was one performance this year that stunned me”. I admit, she’s right. There in fact was one performance that not only stunned America, it stunned the whole entire world. But it’s not what she’s thinking of, because it wasn’t Donald Trump who gave a good “performance”. It was Hillary Clinton’s stunning act that caught the world’s attention for almost two years.

If there’s one person in the world who deserves a Golden Globe or an Academy Award, it’s Hillary Clinton. Her act during the US Presidential campaign was breath-taking and stupendous, it was second to none. Only a few people in the world are gifted enough to parade around as an innocent, friendly grandma, and hide the evil corrupt warmonger that lay deep within.

Only Hillary Clinton can pretend to support women’s rights while shamelessly accepting funding from countries that persecute women.

Only Hillary Clinton is talented enough to act like a nurturing woman while funding terrorist organisations and colluding with countries that fund Islamic terrorism. Only she is able to pull off the caring woman act while always seeking an opportunity to increase tensions with Russia in preparation for the war she so eagerly planned to start if she was elected.

And this performance of hers did make “it’s intended audience laugh, and show their teeth”, as Meryl said. From screeching to pillaging, from rioting to flag burning, Clinton’s performance did show the true colours of the left. It cunningly exposed what leftists were truly made of: fear and incompetence.

But let’s not forget this is about Meryl and, as a member of a persecuted minority, she deserves her spotlight. Meryl mentioned how most of the attendees “belong to the most vilified segments in American society right now…Hollywood, foreigners, and the press”. She’s obviously referring to how most Americans are indifferent towards Hollywood and the lying mainstream media, along with the common leftist misconception that Trump supporters are racists who hate foreigners. It’s interesting cos I’m a foreigner and I’m a passionate Trump supporter. Am I allowed to be offended at what she said? Or is that only a privilege afforded to leftists? After all, she is a privileged white person who assumes she knows everything about what foreigners think.

And then Meryl makes another generic leftist mistake: assuming that Trump has a problem with legal migrants. After mentioning a range of Hollywood actors and their exotic places of origin, she mockingly says “where are their birth certificates?”. Seriously Meryl? Donald Trump’s wife is a migrant. But she just so happens to be legal. Really Meryl, what do you hope to achieve by flaunting your ignorance?

You know, there’s a great saying about how you should use your ears twice as much as you use your mouth. Meryl, and the rest of Hollywood, are perfect examples of what happens if you violate this teaching. Because when you use your foul mouth twice as much as your ignorant ears, then people are not going to listen to you. You’re going to be laughing stock. And that’s exactly what Hollywood actors are right now. They’re so out of touch with people that their political commentaries have turned them into laughing stock, not just in the right but across the entire spectrum. Maybe if you did use your ears, you might not actually be part of the newly persecuted minority that Hollywood actors have created for themselves.

And then Meryl laments at the prospect that if all famous actors are kicked out (it’s almost like she’s saying Trump will kick out legal migrants), then people would only have football and mixed martial arts to watch. Believe me, right now I’m wishing that was the case!

She also asked “the principled press”, yeah the ones that colluded with the Clinton campaign, spread lies about Trump and cut off Trump supporters on air, to hold people accountable. You know what? She’s right. Let’s hope the “principled press” gets its act together, learns from the fact that it also lost this election, and actually starts to be truthful. But right now, with the media’s pathetic reaction to the torture of a white boy by black thugs, I don’t think it’s going to happen.

If Meryl’s speech had been about Hillary, it would be perfect. Hillary Clinton personified what an actor should dream of. Who else would be capable of covering up so many scandals and outwardly appearing so warm and sincere for decades? But the fact she lost, despite this talent, goes to show that good will ultimately win over evil. It doesn’t matter how good you are at acting. Hillary lost, and so did the press, and so did Hollywood. They’re all part of a vilified segment of American society right now. And they brought it upon themselves.

Throughout these past two years we have seen two award winning acts. In Act I, Hillary Clinton fooled millions of people into thinking what a wonderful woman she was while hiding the deep dark personality within. In Act II, celebrities shilled for Hillary so much that they now have no choice but to play the victim card by pretending to be a persecuted minority simply because people don’t listen to them anymore. Well, that’s what happens when you boast to the world how good you are at defending pure evil. Too bad, so sad, hope you learned your lesson.

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