Mel Gibson’s Latest Film “Rothchild” Depicts World’s Most Powerful Banking Family


Mel Gibson is, by no means, a stranger to controversy. His latest film “Dragged Across Concrete” has donned the labels “racist and vile,” “a right-wing fantasy,” “alt right” and pretty much any other leftist buzzword you can think of. The film also stars Vince Vaughn who has since been labelled “The Alt Right’s Hollywood Hero.”

The film explores ideas about police brutality as two police officers played by Gibson and Vaughn are caught on tape using strong-arm tactics on a suspect. As a result, the two officers are suspended without pay and with bill after bill stacking up, they decide to start using some of their criminal connections to make ends meet until their suspension is lifted.

It is no surprise that the film’s subject matter has provoked such a reaction from left-wing critics due to their evident lack of respect for “blue lives.”

However, if that premise wasn’t controversial enough, the international rights to his latest film “Rothchild” have just been bought by HanWay films, a British distribution company that specialises in indie films.

Shia Lebouf is also attached to play the main character Becket Rothchild who, after being cast out of his family, hatches a plot to kill the nine people that stand between him and the inheritance of the entire dynasty’s fortune. The film has been pitched as a dark comedy exploring the lives of the super-rich.

John S. Baird is currently attached to direct. He made it big last year with the high-budget comedy “Stan and Ollie.” The script was penned by John Patten Ford. Neither of these two have been labelled “alt right” or have suffered any similar controversies yet.

The title of the film is of course at the centre of the outrage, despite taking the “s” out of “Rothschild” just so it isn’t the exact same as one of the wealthiest families on the planet. This could always be due to copyright reasons but why call the film “Rothchild” when you can name it after literally any other wealthy family? It is highly likely this could have been done for marketing purposes, after all the Rothschild name is quite famous and controversial in its own way. The banking family has, for a long time, been the subject of multiple conspiracy theories, just simply Google the name and you can watch hours of content about how they allegedly rule the world.

thing worth mentioning is that the Rothschilds are Jewish which is of course
being used to further slander the film, however, Lebouf being Jewish himself doesn’t
help the case that the film is simply a piece of anti-Semitic trolling.

Either way
the film currently has yet to raise a budget, the star power attached will more
than likely see that through quite easily, but you never really know with the
film industry. It is currently not mentioned in the HanWay official website being
far from the pre-production process. One thing is certain, from what we can
tell by looking at Mel Gibson’s filmography, acting or directing, if this film
is made… It will by no means be politically correct.

What are
your thoughts on the film “Rothchild,” is Mel Gibson crazy or could this film
be a hit?

Let us know in the comments.

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