Magda Szubanski: Just Another Anti-Conservative Hating Leftist of #Auspol.


When nasty Lynne Postlethwaite (oops I meant Magda Szubanski) attacked the wife of Australian Prime Minister (Jennifer Morrison) at the signing of the condolences book of the late HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh as being like a scene out of Handmaid’s Tale, Szubanski was lashed left, right and centre for her unnecessary tweets.

Szubanski, a successful Australian comedian who’s famous for her various roles including Sharon in Kath & Kim and as Lynne Postlethwaite clawed up from the Twitter gutter to slam Jennifer Morrison as she was a Christian women, mother of three daughters and wife to Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison. And it was because of who she’s in marriage with and for being Catholic that somehow gave Szubanski license to randomly attack her by invoking the Handmaid Tale trope, referencing a web series of a totalitarian society where women are treated as properties of the state all because Mrs Morrison was standing looking on her husband who was signing the condolences book to the late Duke of Edinburgh.

But Magda Szubanski’s attacks simply reveal the modern political left’s blatant (and deliberate) double-standard hypocrisy when it comes to women on the right (or in Jennifer Morrison’s case, women whose husbands are not approved by the left).

As I’ve stated in one of most recent articles titled, “Yes It’s True…Female Conservatives are Being Treated Terribly in Australian Politics.“, women on the right face the most vitriolic and disgraceful abuse from the so-called feminist ‘sisterhood” with notable examples including outgoing Liberal MP for Boothby, Nicolle Flint, Herald Sun Columnist Rita Panahi, Spectator Columnist Alexandra Marshall & LNP Senator and Assistant Women Minister Amanda Stoker.

Despite having a fabulous career as an actress and a comedienne, Szubanski seems intend on trashing her legacy, her name & her reputation by participating in woke feminist bullying by attacking women on the right by going for their Christian faith (or by weaponising the religious right faction to attack them) which in essence, is directly insulting the countless Australians who are of the Christian faith.

Leftwing bigotry & mean-spirited green-eyed bullying….it’s consumed third-wave nouveau feminists and it’s their modus operandi, attacking & slamming women on the right out of pure spite. They attempt to manipulate us to believe that they’re tolerant of women, fighting for women’s rights & women equality in Australia but as soon as they smell out a female individual who doesn’t comply with their leftist standpoint, like piranha’s, they unforgivably slam them in the worst way possible in order to denigrate & to degrade them.

And when they receive backlash, they feel staggered and refuse to apologise their atrocious actions.

As exemplified by Magda Szubanski in her A Current Affair interview with Tracy Grimshaw, she didn’t admit that what she did was wrong but proceeded to give us a chit-chat of spin, accusing the photo of being a “PR epic fail” and that she didn’t know that the women in the photo was Jennifer Morrison since she’s always had her hair down with make-up on.

PR? So does Szubanski honestly think that the condolences book was deliberately placed on the table at Government House for a well-crafted stage-managed PR shot by PMO for Prime Minister Scott Morrison in order to boost his Prime Ministerial image?

What ridiculous spin. Daniel Andrews would be proud of it.

And she said all of that whilst being surprised at the pile-on she received, saying that she wasn’t savaging her appearance and not wanting to hurt Jennifer Morrison, yet by slamming her as being subservient to Prime Minister Scott Morrison, she was joining on the Twitter online left pile-on against her.

Szubanski was also at the same time justifying her bizarre attack on Mrs Morrison by stating that since she’s in public life, and so she’s fair game and have been used by her husband for “political advice” and if she didn’t want any of this, that she should’ve opted out of public life.

Firstly, that’s a ridiculous assumption by Szubanski to make given that whenever we see Jennifer Morrison publicly, it’s her accompanying her Prime Ministerial husband on important engagements and overseas trips (such as the signing of the condolences book to a late elder British royal Prince). Other than that, Mrs Morrison lives a normal private life raising their three daughters whilst her husband runs the country.

But it isn’t just her Handmaid Tale tweet that caused a furore, it was another tweet that whipped up controversy for Szubanski (once again, attacking Jennifer Morrison) for inadvertently making the universal “Ok” hand sign in a picture with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex with her husband & their children.

Once again, in an attempt to spin her way out of this tweet, Szubanski slams those who called her out for it did so in order to distract everybody away from Christine Holgate’s Senate testimony.

Incidentally, this’ll be the same excuse Szubanski will use when outgoing Liberal MP for Boothby, Nicolle Flint rightly hit out at the comedian for her “appalling” tweet attacking Jennifer Morrison as “blatantly” using ‘sisterhood” to distract us all from Holgate’s testimony.

Never wanting to take responsibility for her actions or her anti-conservative tweets, she displays all the classic leftist tactics of deflection, spin and diversion so she wouldn’t have to admit her leftwing bigotry and mean-spirited spitefulness hate for the right in Australia.

And in regards to the latter, not contend with just showing how much of a Christian & Conservative hating bigot individual she is only on Twitter, Magda also stated in her interview with Tracy Grimshaw that she’ll remain outspoken especially with the rise of the religious right on national television.

Already, this has been displayed through her aforementioned attack on Assistant Minister for Women & Attorney General, Senator Amanda Stoker.

She even went further and maligned those who went after her because of those controversial tweets as “far-right”, most who are normal everyday Australians who dislike such unnecessary bullying of the Prime Minister’s wife.

Attacking Christians, Conservatives & the everyday Aussie….it’s in thanks to that A Current Affair interview that we finally see Magda’s far-left colours shine, having now spent her time as merely being another Jane Caro (the Melbourne version) pushing fashionable leftist causes whilst arrogantly maligning conservative & conservative women with envy jealousy and spitefulness.

If anything, had Bill Shorten been Australia’s Prime Minister and was signing the condolences book with his wife, Chloe Shorten observing and looking on from a distance (as Mrs Morrison was), then undoubtedly Szubanski wouldn’t have attacked Chloe the way she did to Jennifer Morrison.

Unfortunately, although Szubanski rightly copped a lot of flack for her attack on Jennifer Morrison, just like every leftist, she wouldn’t be cancelled nor would she learn from her lesson. And will lay low before resuming her bullying behaviour on Twitter in the near future and attack somebody else from the right of Australian politics.

What a fool she was.

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