Let’s be Frank, ACL attack stinks of Political Terrorism


Overnight a van filled with gas bottles rammed into the headquarters of the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL).  The driver of the vehicle, a 35-year-old Canberra man is in a critical condition in a nearby Canberra hospital suffering from severe burns.  Police were able to question the man in hospital and have released a statement claiming the actions of the man “were not politically, religiously or ideologically motivated.”

Here we have a van that happened to be filled with gas bottles, ram into the headquarters of the outspoken Australian Christian Lobby, who by the way are often under attack by the militant LGBTI lobbyist and the regressive left for their strong views on traditional marriage and it’s claimed that the attack was not politically, religiously or ideologically motivated?  Was the driver simply taking gas bottles home for Christmas and in a huge coincidence happened to crash in to that very building or did he have a death wish and in a suicide attempt it coincidentally ended up in the ACL of all buildings?

I’m sorry but call me sceptical, is it that much a stretch of the imagination to believe that our authorities would simply try and cover it up?  Let’s just list the people who could have an issue with the ACL, as previously listed the more extreme elements in the LGBTI community are very angry with the ACL for its position on marriage.  Then you would have the feminazi’s who have issues with the ACL over its pro-life stance.  Then of course there are Islamic extremist who would love to hit a Christian target days before Christmas.

As a writer I have an obligation to report the truth and sometimes we have to go on the facts presented unless we have evidence otherwise. So the truth as we are told is that this was clearly not an act of terrorism and it was not inspired by any kind of political, religious or ideological motivation.  But as a commentator I just have to raise my severe doubts over the police statement. They have not interviewed the driver properly as he still being treated in hospital for severe burns. It’s just all too coincidental.

If you remember back to September this year the ACL were forced to cancel an event on same-sex marriage after a backlash against the hotel hosting the event.  Marriage-equality advocates threatened physical violence against people at the venue, there are also claims that these calls included death threats, but a spokeswoman from Accor would not confirm.

The media asked Australian Christian Lobby director Lyle Shelton to respond to the police statement, in his response he seemed to be very sceptical of the motive behind this attack despite the police statement.  Mr Shelton said: “It’s all very sensitive, we don’t know the motives of the person last night, we hope it’s not related and the police, given their statement don’t seem to think so, but for us, it comes in the context of the abuse, the death threats and the threats of violence we have experienced this year.

“Obviously I respect what the police have to say. I’m not sure how they can know for sure, given the man was pulled from a burning wreck last night. I certainly hope that’s the case.” 

As usual the extreme regressive left couldn’t wait to basically say the ACL deserve it.  One twitter user know as Alain Millett wrote “Lyle Shelton and #ACL you play with fire and do your best to destroy LGBTIQ lives and wonder why someone would car Bomb you?? Reality check!”


While another user, Kaptain Kobold tried to make a joke out of it by suggesting everyone wants to attack the ACL “Police: So, Mr Shelton, do you have a list of people who might want to blow up the #ACL?

Lyle: <Hands over Australian census>”



Update: Police have released a statement saying “The driver appears to have ignited gas cylinders within the vehicle, causing an explosion which damaged the vehicle and building,” .  We can now clearly establish that this was a deliberate attack.  We also now know that the attacker was an Australian Citizen.  Police are still standing by their original statement that it is not politically, religiously or ideologically motivated, despite the fact that this clearly was not an accident.

Main Image Courtesy of Lyle Shelton – Twitter


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