Leftists who wanted nothing to be done after Islamic terror attacks now call for action


Credit: Jeremy Selwyn, Standard

London has been rocked by yet another terror attack today that has claimed one life and injured eight. For the first time, and to the left’s delight, this attack has been carried out by a non-Muslim individual who seems to be under the impression that he has taken it for himself to respond to Islamic terrorism. While various factors, such as continued Islamic terrorism, forced multiculturalism, and the government’s inaction on Islamic immigration, have caused this act, it is still completely unjustified as non-Muslims should be better than this.

However, the left seems to have revelled in this new terror attack, and seems to have received a sudden jolt of anti-terror sentiment. Despite staying silent on the continued risks posed by Islam and flaunting their ignorance by asking all people to carry on as if nothing occurred, the left now wants to see greater action to protect the Muslim community and more laws introduced. This is all because the perpetrator is white.

Of course, the left excels in its attempts at blasting any speech critical of Islam as hate speech or Islamophobia. It is now a thought crime to even consider the connection between Islam and Islamic terrorism. Yet when the perpetrator is a cis white male the left gladly cries white supremacy and rejects the fact that this would not have happened had not the UK suffered under the hands of Islamic terrorists who were admitted into the country by its own government.

The leftist figure at the leading edge of this phenomenon is none other than Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, the same individual who voted against terrorism legislation in Parliament 17 times over his career. He wants to attend a prayer service at Finsbury Park, the location of the terrorist attack, in order to “stand together against those who seek to divide us”. It doesn’t matter if the mosque targeted by the attack has a along history of breeding extremists and promoting actual hate speech. Today’s terrorist would not have sought to divide anyone had not he been driven to do so by the people who’s religion supports terrorism.

Another frontliner actively wanting to do something after today’s event is shadow home-secretary Diane Abbott, who tweeted “Police must urgently review the security for all mosques”. This is the same Diane Abbott who was unable to adequately give any plan of action after the London Bridge attack, yet immediately virtue signals about the need for more security in mosques. Remember, Diane Abbott voted against listing al-Qaeda as a terrorist group simply because she thought it was “unreasonable”.

Mosques do need greater security, and monitoring, but only because they are promoting radicalisation, not because of a once in a lifetime white extremist attack. Statistics show that 118 out of 122 people in prison in the UK for terror-related offences are Muslim. This act is not negated simply because one terrorist attack has been carried out by a non-Muslim. Muslim terrorist attacks are still disproportionately high, and are backed by Scripture.

The beloved Mayor of London, however, takes the prize among left-wing individuals who change their mind as soon as a terror attack happens to be anti-Islamic. Just like Diane Abbott, he wants extra police to be deployed in order to protect the Muslim community. Apparently terrorism is not part and parcel of living in a big city when the victims are fellow Muslims.

These are just the figureheads of the left in Britain. Their followers are actively posting on Twitter for the need to further protect Muslims against terrorist attacks despite them having a considerably lower chance of being targeted by terrorism. Also, white people and right-wingers are not afforded any hashtags unlike Muslims who are showered with the likes of #NotAllMuslims and #ReligionOfPeace. Are white people not eligible for such tolerance and understanding?

Should the Finsbury Park terrorist be condemned and punished for his attack? Yes, most definitely. Were his acts influenced by the prevalence of Islamic terrorism and crime? Yes, most definitely. That is why the left’s irony is in full swing today, as they have not hesitated in calling for more action in response to this attack, while failing to show such concern when terrorist attackers are Muslim. Ultimately, this is of no surprise from people who voted against terror legislation, believe al-Qaeda should not be called terrorists, and who have made a name for themselves by being ignorant Islamic apologists. They have now called for action simply because the perpetrator is white.



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