Van Ploughs Into Pedestrians Outside North London Mosque

The United Kingdom is in midst of yet another serious incident. Just after midnight UK time a van ploughed into worshipers leaving the Finsbury Park Mosque after evening prayers in North London outside the Muslim Welfare Centre on Seven Sisters Road. Ten people are injured and the driver of the van has been taken into custody. Eyewitnesses have said the van intentionally drove into worshipers and major news outlets are already referring to it as a terrorist attack. It is also being reported that the attacker left the van and attempted to stab people.

Already the Islamic Council of Britain has declared it an intentional attack and the Chairman of the Finsbury Park Mosque said it should be refereed to as a terrorist attack “We call it a terrorist attack as we called it in Manchester, Westminster and London Bridge”. It is the fourth major incident in the United Kingdom within a month including the Manchester Arena attack, the London Bridge attack and of course the Grenfell tower fire.

It is being widely speculated that this attack is a “revenge terrorist attack” similar to the shooting that occurred at a Quebec City Mosque in Canada in January this year. If this is correct it is sad that a person who was upset by Islamist attacks in the west resorted to their tactics and attempted to kill innocent people. All this attack will do is deflect attention away from the Islamist problem and instead turn public attention to the dangers of the so called “far right” spreading Islamophobia. No doubt activists such as Tommy Robinson will be blamed and there will be attempts to silence any discussion about the problems of Islamism.

This latest incident is another sign the UK is in a dark place and that there is mass civil unrest, especially in the capital London. We hope that other western nations can avoid reaching this state of crises.


Young Muslims outside the Mosque are raging, telling the media it was a white terrorist who ploughed the van into the crowd intentionally. Looks like serious repercussions will be demanded by the Muslim community.


At least 1 person has now been reported to have been killed and Theresa May has called an emergency meeting calling the incident a “potential terrorist attack”.

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