Labor Councillor Proposes Unisex Bathrooms for Socially Conservative Council Area


As same sex marriage has now been achieved the left and LGBT activists are now looking for a new cause to champion. One of those is lobbying for the rollout gender neutral toilets in places such as government buildings, shopping centers and even in schools. We are told it is to be more inclusive to transgender or gender diverse people despite them making up only 0.3% of the population.

Most genuine transgender people simply use the bathroom of the gender they have transitioned to and have done so for decades already, many actually oppose the rollout of gender neutral bathrooms. The only people who feel confused by separate male and female toilets are those who declare themselves non-binary and so binary toilets trigger them.

But of course because somebody is offended by the fact we have separate gender toilets that is good enough for left to demand they be installed everywhere. Most people have both safety and privacy concerns about gender neutral toilets, to the left of course that makes you a bigot

Not surprisingly the area of government where this push to have gender neutral bathrooms is strongest is local councils, or as we are told to call them now unisex bathrooms. Last year the City of Knox in Melbourne spent $1.1million building seven unisex public toilets despite women saying they would not use them due to safety and hygiene concerns.

Of course it is one thing for council near the inner city to build unisex bathrooms, but what about area which voted no in the Marriage Law Postal Survey and has a high migrant population?

Labor Councillor Sean O’Reilly of the City of Greater Dandenong, which takes in the federal electorate of Bruce which voted no 47-53% and neighbouring Holt was lineball is going to propose a motion at the next council meeting that it should move to having unisex toilets when building new toilet facilities.

In fact he considers it such an issue of importance he is running a poll on his Facebook page which he has pinned to the top in which he claims that “the advantage of unisex toilets is greater efficiency, as well as inclusiveness”. At the moment the poll is running at 59-41%  in favour of keeping traditional separate toilets. Though the poll has fallen into the hands of LGBT activists who are flooding the poll which last weekend was at 85-15%.

Labor holds 9 out of the 11 council seats, it is unclear whether O’Reilly’s other Labor colleagues share his stance. The Greens hold one who you would assume would support the motion. Liberal Councillor Timothy Dark has already signaled his opposition to the motion. Most of O’Reilly’s other Facebook posts have him meeting the various migrant groups in the council area, I wonder if he’s asked them what their opinion is on his idea?

But the fact that O’Reilly feels he can consider implementing a radical gender theory concept such as unisex bathrooms in a such a socially conservative area should be serious cause for alarm about what has become of the modern left and the Labor Party in Australia. Let us hope the local residents in the Greater Dandenong area speak up before their council spends ratepayers’ money on such an unpopular and potentially dangerous idea.

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