Jacinta Price Officially the Country Liberal Party Candidate for Lingiari


Alice Springs Councillor Jacinta Price has been officially endorsed as the Country Liberal Party candidate for the Northern Territory seat of Lingiari for the next federal election. She confirmed her intention to run back in February and was encouraged both by local Country Liberal Party members and Coalition MPs and officials in Canberra.

Over the past year Jacinta Price has built up a national profile campaigning against the high levels domestic violence and child abuse in remote indigenous communities.

She has also taken a stand against the left’s hijacking of indigenous issues to push identity and victim politics and was the face of Mark Latham’s Outsiders successful Save Australia Day campaign. This has made her a target of abuse from left and she has even been subjected to personal threats.

Last year she was easily reelected as Councillor for Alice Springs and her Facebook page has over 34,000 likes. Her mother Bess Price was a North Territory Minister from 2012 to 2016.

In Lingiari which takes in the all of the Northern Territory apart from Darwin she will be running against incumbent Labor MP Warren Snowden who has held the seat since its creation in 2001. It will be a high profile contest at the next election and despite the Coalition trailing the polls Price’s profile will make this once safe Labor seat a close contest.

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