It’s all about you, own it


Any abortion outside of medical emergencies where a life is in danger is a choice. A choice that comes down to one undeniable fact, which is that the mother is acting on behalf of her own self-interests. The child is given no voice, no choice and no option. The mother is completely selfish and this is her choice and her choice alone. She was not thinking on behalf of the child and to say so is nothing but an attempt to appease ones guilt. It is time for the excuses to stop and to call it as it is and take ownership. The decision was made on pure selfish grounds.

Some may think that the world selfish is too harsh, but the reality is that aborting a child fits the definition of selfish perfectly. “Selfish: (of a person, action, or motive) lacking consideration for other people; concerned chiefly with one’s own personal profit or pleasure.” When a women decides to abort a child she is not taking into consideration the right to life that the child has.

The political correct left have done everything in their power to shut down the discussion on abortion, offering it a cloak of protection. The feminist movement calls it a woman’s right and any man who offers an opinion is a sexist who has no right to comment on a woman’s choice. Men are told quite loudly to keep their views to themselves and painted as misogynist for daring to speak up for the life of the silent ones.

This feminist movement has progressively been at the forefront of all changes to Abortion laws over the past few decades. Feminist’s see it as a women’s right to decide what to do with her own body. Also believing that abortion rights are essential to achieve gender equality and an empowering choice allowing individual women to achieve their full potential.
There is absolutely no doubt that pregnancy has an enormous effect on women in so many ways, no one can or is denying that. In the infamous 1973 US Supreme Court case of Roe v Wade, Sarah Weddington said “A pregnancy to a woman is perhaps one of the most determinative aspects of her life. It disrupts her body. It disrupts her education. It disrupts her employment. And it often disrupts her entire family life.”

Mrs Weddington continued “And we feel that, because of the impact on the woman, this … is a matter which is of such fundamental and basic concern to the woman involved that she should be allowed to make the choice as to whether to continue or to terminate her pregnancy.”

By the end of the court case the U.S. Supreme Court decided that a Texas statute forbidding abortion except when necessary to save the life of the mother was unconstitutional. This case has resulted in most states across the USA legalising abortion in the first trimester in the very least.

On that day in January 1973 the court put the rights of the mother ahead of the child’s and since then more and more concessions are being given to abortion laws. Politicians like Hillary Clinton talk of the right to abort up until birth, whilst the nation of Norway has legalised selective reduction abortion, allowing you to end the life of one or more children if pregnant with twins or more.

All these decisions and all these laws are being made to give the mother choice. The interests of the child are simply not taken into account. Every time this debate is raised in the public arena, the debate always goes back to a woman has a right to choose, and that there is exactly the point I am making, abortion is a choice and no one denies that. It’s just that the choice is made on behalf of the child and its one hell of a selfish one.

No woman can choose to abort a child and then make excuses for it, there are no excuses, you did it for your own selfish reasons. If we are going to allow such law’s, then at least have the courage to say it as it is.

You will notice throughout this opinion that I refer to the aborted child as a child, I know some readers will get angry as I don’t refer to it as a foetus. I make no apologies for this, it is a child. Every single one of us alive today was a foetus, a child at one stage, our hearts beating from just one and a half weeks. We all value our lives and at one stage our mothers could have chosen to end it, and everything we are, would have never been.

So just remember that if you ever find yourself in a position where you are considering abortion. Your mother may have thought long and hard over her decision to have you, but she chose to give you a voice and here you are. Remember that if you abort, you are forever taking the voice away from your child. It’s your choice and if you choose to abort it’s on you, own it.

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