ISIS tells supporters to poison food in supermarkets


When ISIS commanded its supporters to use cars we were slow to react. Now we have bollards in public places and new powers for police to stop and search suspicious vehicles. So ISIS have switched tactics. According to SITE Intel Group ISIS has instructed its followers to use cyanide to poison food in western supermarkets. Scroll down for tips on keeping you and your family safe.

Islamic jihadists will always seek out new weaknesses, they do not obey our rules for gentlemanly conduct in war and they feel no remorse for inflicting misery and suffering onto the infidel (you). In their minds by hurting us and killing us they become the instrument of Allah doling out divine punishments and in so doing guarantee their place in heaven. That’s not an ideology you can reason with, but just because they are unreasonable does not mean they are not intelligent.

Poisoning our food represents a logical next step for them. They have established themselves as capable of engineering attacks in the west through guns and bombs. No matter how much we controlled the flow of guns and explosives they just as easily used ordinary cars and knives to achieve the same thing. Now that we have had to reengineer our very streets to protect ourselves against them, they now propose to attack us in a way we almost certainly cannot defend against.

There must be millions of supermarkets across the west, the police and intelligence services cannot keep constant watch on all of them and if they are watching some but not others the jihadis will attack the undefended ones. Cyanide has two common crystal forms, Sodium Cyanide and Potassium Cyanide which are both relatively easy to produce using readily available and inexpensive chemicals, making it almost impossible to track its manufacture.

In short, this is going to work. People in the west are almost certainly going to die from cyanide poisoning inflicted by Muslim terrorists.

Short of removing Islam completely from the west there is very little governments can do to protect you from this, but there are a few things you can do to protect yourself.

Sensible precautions

  • Ensure that popcaps are unpopped and tamper proof seals have not been tampered with.
  • Check for punctures and perforations, such as pinholes made by syringes, on the packaging and the skins of fruits and vegetables.
  • Both Potassium Cyanide and Sodium Cyanide appear as fine crystals like sugar or salt, and smell like almonds. However it does not always give off an odor and not everyone is able to detect it when it does.
  • Do not assume that because you shop where Muslims shop you are safe, Jihadis feel no compunction about killing their own especially in the west. If anything supermarket frequented by Muslims are likely to have the most lax security.
  • Keep an eye out for suspicious behavior in supermarkets, when doing anything subversive it’s very difficult to resist the temptation to look around, if someone is fondling something and checks to see if anyone is watching report it to the manager who can check CCTV footage and report to the authorities.

First aid

  • Cyanide is fast acting, symptoms appear in the first few minutes after ingestion.
  • Respiratory distress is the most obvious symptom, giddiness and nausea in mild cases. If someone is having difficulty breathing after eating something, consider cyanide poisoning a possibility.
  • Mouth to mouth resuscitation is not advised as there is a chance that you will become affected as well.
  • Ensuring adequate oxygen is the most effective first aid. Move the victim to a well ventilated area and do not crowd.
  • Call 000 immediately, better a false alarm than another victim and seconds count. An ambulance can administer oxygen which is potentially lifesaving, and there are antidotes available which are effective if administered quickly.

If you think it’s unreasonable that you should be asked to be vigilant while getting the groceries or need to understand the treatment for cyanide poisoning

  • Let your representative know that you do not want Islam in your country any more.


  • Put up with it, because this doesn’t end while Islam is tolerated in the west.

It’s your choice.

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