In South Africa, the left’s denigration of Trump has real consequences


A few decades ago, the left had a genius idea of going into South Africa and meddling in their internal affairs, they put a terrorist communist in charge of the country, Nelson Mandela, and now unsurprising to anyone with a brain, the country is now the crime capital of the world. Their leader now, Jacob Zuma, is calling essentially for an internal civil war and an actual genocide of white people in South Africa. This is the guy who sings songs about killing white people, who has had so many rape trials he makes Bill Cosby look like a saint.

Jacob Zuma has said:
“So, we are saying black people, all of us must unite so that we can change the constitution so that we can expropriate land without compensation”

“There is no white man that will understand it.”

“The black parties should unite on this issue. We cannot fight about nothing.”

This is the problem with the left, they have used up the capital of the terms we use to describe situations like this, such as “Hitler”, “Nazi”, “genocidal maniac” with the public over Trump, in their efforts to de-legitimize Trump to ensure a Clinton victory. Now an actual world leader is proposing a real genocide of a specific ethnicity, in this case white people. Now the list of adjectives to describe this have been diluted away with the hysteria used to denigrate Trump.

This however is a result of a very prevalent and rising issue of anti-white racism that is now pervasive and accepted in the west. The notion that hating and calling for a genocide of white people is acceptable in any way shape or form, and the fact this hasn’t been condemned by anyone in the international community shows just how blasé the world is to anti-white racism. Because imagine if a world leader in a white country suggested such a thing of a minority of black people in their specific country, this would be a 24/7 news story that not even Trump himself could dislodge.

But the question is why is this happening, and the reason is that whites in South Africa in general pay the majority of the taxes in the country. South Africa is the largest welfare state in the world. The people who rely on the government for benefits and other services from the government for their survival, in order to legitimize the transfer of wealth from the tax paying population in South Africa which is in general white to the tax receiving population which is in general black, must vilify or demonize the group they are taking from. Otherwise they become the bad guys, so in order to maintain the moral high ground in South Africa, whites must be made out to be the bad people in order for the black population and the government to legitimize this kind of behaviour.

This also allows Zuma to divide and conquer the country further into its socialist death spiral, because if it wasn’t for big bad whitey, he may have to actually address some extremely serious issues in the country. Like the fact that South Africa is the crime capital of the world. Like the welfare usage. Blackouts and power outages. Mass poverty plaguing the country. The fact that both him and his government are corrupt beyond belief. But instead of dealing with real issues, he’s going to play the race card to kick the can down the road of issues facing South Africa. The only question is how fast will South Africa repeat the mistakes Zimbabwe made.

If this happens, I think New Zealand, Australia and other Anglosphere countries should take some of, if not all of the whites only (as they are the ones being threatened with genocide), in South Africa as refugees into New Zealand and other Anglosphere countries. They speak English, they have the same values, the same ideas on society, same understanding of English common law, they even play the same sports as we do. They are essentially our kith and kin as members of the Anglosphere.…/Zuma-wants-land-owned-white-oc…

Crime tracker in South Africa against whites currently.

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