Greens Nick McKim Calls Peter Dutton a Fascist for Wanting to Help White South African Farmers


Senator for Tasmania Nick McKim is clearly vying the title of the most vile Green in the federal parliament. He has thought it  funny to troll conservatives by mocking the Christian heritage of Christmas and Easter. He is also the Greens spokesperson for refugees for asylum seekers, while he is championing the cause of those claiming asylum on Manus Island and Nauru he and the rest of his party has expressed outrage at the thought of accepting persecuted white South African farmers as refugees.

In the Senate on Monday McKim claimed that push to accept white South African farmers into Australia which has the support of Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton and other government backbenchers was part of the Liberal Party’s yearning for Apartheid and the White Australia Policy. The left in Australia believes to care about a white persecuted minority makes you white supremacist or neo-Nazi and have applied that label to Peter Dutton.

Dutton today in his weekly appearance on Ray Hadley’s 2GB radio program said the crazy lefties at the ABC, Guardian and Huffington Post raging didn’t bother him as they were dead to him. Shortly after McKim appeared on Sky News’ Live Now with Samantha Maiden to double down on his comments in the Senate.

McKim reiterated that accepting white South Africans is part of a push to return to having a White Australia policy and that our immigration policy should be based on the colour of people’s skin. He said there was no way that a boatload of white South Africans would end up on Nauru or Manus Island

Nick McKim while stating he believed that violence against all races was wrong claimed that the statistic that white South African farmers are being murdered at a rate greater than once a week is a disputed fact. Funny that the Greens never applied the same caution when the Sri Lankan government disputed the fact that Tamils were being persecuted when they were claiming asylum in Australia.

McKim in addition to claiming that Dutton is running a race based immigration system, when asked by host Samantha Maiden whether Peter Dutton is a closet neo-Nazi McKim concluded that he was a fascist because he walked out on the apology to the stolen generation in 2008, that Australia’s offshore detention program was motivated by race and that his comments on African youth crime in Melbourne were aimed to undermine the rule of law and create a common enemy.

He concluded all of this was fascism 101. Maiden sought to clarify that he was calling Dutton a fascist, she mentioned that one of Dutton’s colleagues jokingly called him a fascist and McKim said he knew who that was and they weren’t joking. He finished off by saying Australia should prioritize those already claiming asylum in our offshore centres.

The left labeling their opponents racists and fascist is nothing new and is being applied to an ever greater net of people. The important thing is that these labels do not deter people like Peter Dutton and others concerned about the plight of white South African farmers from wanting to ensure they are given safe refuge in a culturally compatible country.

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