Get your hands off our kids


The Victorian government’s latest attempt to take away parental rights and expose children to potentially damaging content has controversially appeared in mainstream news again after a Victorian Teacher told the ‘Herald Sun’ that she would refuse to teach the new program.

If Safe Schools wasn’t bad enough, straight out of the Marxism handbook comes the Daniel Andrew’s Victorian government’s mandatory ‘Respectful Relationship’ program ready to be rolled out to all state schools next year.

‘Respectful Relationship’, sounds respectful enough, but as with anything from the Marxist poster boy Daniel Andrews and his MP minions there is nothing respectful about this program.

The program is being promoted as a gender-based violence and discrimination program. But eyebrows are being raised about some of the content which is anything but relevant and extremely inappropriate if not damaging to the age groups it is aimed at.  The Unshackled previously reported on this new program, but since then more details have emerged about the programs content.

Content aimed at 5-7 year olds include games to teach that some children have two mums or two dads; challenging male and female labels; and reading materials to represent diverse families, including ‘And Tango Makes Three’ which features two gay penguins that adopt a baby penguin.

For ages 8-10 they start on the idea that sex and gender are not the same and they look at their idea of gender norms and stereotypes. They also examine the effects of gender-based violence.

In the final years of primary school the 10-12 year olds are subject to gender identity and whether gender is born or made. They also learn the difference between same-sex attracted, heterosexual and transgender. It is in these final years of primary school that the boys are introduced to ‘male privilege’ and that ‘masculinity’ is associated with higher rates of violence towards women. The idea that boys are inherently bad has been met with a chorus of disapproval.

An evaluation of the program undertaken as it was piloted in 19 schools found that the program risked alienating men by implying all men are inherently bad and all women victims.

One senior researcher from the Centre for Independent Studies labelled the program “taxpayer funded indoctrination.” The researcher Jeremy Sammut went on to tell ‘The Australian’ “The idea behind this program, that all men are latent abusers by nature of the ‘discourse’, is an idea that only cloistered feminist academics could love.”

Sammut went on to discuss the real evidence behind domestic violence “A lot of evidence suggests that like child abuse, domestic ­violence is a by-product of social dysfunction: welfare, drugs, family breakdown.”

Once the children reach high school, they are introduced to class videos giving sexual advice; when to have sex, information about porn and sexting.

From years 9 onwards they learn about gender, power, violence and respect as well as learning about gender terms such as gender fluid, pansexual, cisgender and transsexual.

It is encouraging however that ordinary parents and teacher are now beginning to speak out with one Melbourne high school teacher telling the ‘Herald Sun” that she will refuse to teach the program, labelling it “lewd”.  The teacher, Moira Deeming, 33, who has three children of her own is concerned and shocked by the content of the new program. She is prepared to lose her job rather than teach such “sleazy” content.

Ms Deeming does not believe that discussing porn and masturbation with a classroom full of 12 year olds will do anything to stop gender-based violence and discrimination, instead the content is inappropriate and “unnecessary drivel.”

For a program meant to be addressing domestic violence it really goes off subject and reeks of a rebadged and polished version of ‘Safe Schools’ with the added pleasure of demoralising men; a feminists ultimate fantasy.

It’s time for the Andrew’s government to get their hands off our children and stop the indoctrination once and for all.  But as expected any criticism of either the ‘Safe Schools’ or ‘Respectful Relationship’ programs draws sharp criticism from the Andrew’s government.  Education Minister James Merlino called on all opposing it to “stop playing politics” so violence against women could be stopped.  This sharp rebuke from Merlino is just another attempt to silence critics by implying that any criticism of the program could be portrayed as condoning violence against women.  Similar tactics were used to silence debate on the ‘Safe Schools’ program, labelling critics as Homophobes and/or bigots.

Repackaging Safe Schools won’t stop the growing community concern over the age inappropriate indoctrination of our children.  Only the full removal of these damaging programs is acceptable.

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