George Soros Wants More Immigrants In Brussels


The European Parliament has passed a resolution that will enable eligible civil groups to get 1.8 billion euros in support instead of the originally planned 642 million euros.

The EP’s proposal was heavily criticized by the Fidesz (Hungarian Civic Alliance) but welcomed by left-liberal opposition MEPs.

The idea of tripling funding in the 2021-2027 financial period for NGOs dedicated to preserving democratic values, did not sit well with ruling party Fidesz’s communications chief Balazs Hidveghi:

“The European Parliament’s fresh decision to increase funding for ‘Soros groups’ once again makes it clear that George Soros is practically dictating Brussels’ migration policy.”

Hidveghi stressed that Brussels wanted to increase funding for organizations affiliated with billionaire George Soros who is a staunch advocate of globalism.

According to Hidveghi, Soros groups are pushing to bring in more immigrants to Europe. Hidveghi interpreted the resolution of the European Parliament as proof that the EP is merely executing the plan of the Greek billionaire to the letter.

Another revelation from Hidveghi was that Brussels has plans in motion to decrease funding support to member states that refused to honor the country’s migration policy.

The withheld funds would then be distributed to organizations that are pro-immigration and associated with Soros.

Zsolt Greczy spokesman for the leftist-liberal Democratic Coalition DK parliamentary group defended the decision of the European Parliament. He said the resolution would prevent “criminals” who harbored ideas on looting the EU’s funds.

Greczy also referred to the administration of Prime Minister Viktor Orban as a “criminal organization”. According to Greczy, Orban has deprived many needy Hungarian families of funding and have diverted the money to line up his pockets.

He added that vast majority of the European People’s Party, of which Fidesz is a member supports plans to set up this type of mechanism.

Fidesz MEP Tamas Deutsch, supported Hidveghi’s views. He reinforced the group’s position by stating that they would not support EP’s resolution because it is aimed at punishing member states who oppose Brussels’ pro-immigration policies and the “Soros plan”.

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