George Pell Was Obviously Innocent; So Why Was He Jailed?


The High court of Australia has unanimously overturned the conviction of cardinal George Pell for offences he could not possibly have committed. The left across the internet and the press are squealing like pigs being slaughtered. They thought they had rid themselves of one of their greatest opponents. And they were wrong. Of course they will try again. Being completely humiliated and shown to be obvious liars willing to have an innocent man put behind bars is nothing to these people.

The Australian left has shown itself to be well beyond shame, or even a pretence of shame. These disgusting liars will continue their lies. As John 8:44 states: “they belong to their father and they wish to carry out their father’s desires… When he lies he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies”.

Yes, I’m calling the modern Australian Left from the ABC to the VicPol hierarchy satanic. To be honest it really isn’t that much of a stretch.

The seventy-eight year old cardinal is now shown for what he is. A sacrificial lamb thrown to the baying mob of unbelievers to atone for the sins of others. It is completely appropriate that his exoneration came during holy week. It is equally appropriate that the modern day pharisees in the media and on the political left who did so much to create the climate of hate that led to an innocent man being jailed are now screeching in the wilderness.

Any Catholic who now supports the ABC or the ALP deserves excommunication. It’s time to admit that the political left (once the home of a multitude of working class Catholics) is now the home of anti-Catholic bigotry. They locked an innocent man behind bars for over a year because he was a Catholic. They pursued him for decades because he was a Catholic. If such an obviously false case of persecution had occurred to an Islamic Imam every leftist now cursing the name of Pell would have been marching in the streets demanding justice. The Left in Australia is now the party of anti-Catholic bigotry. Any believing Catholic who still votes for the ALP or the Greens or who supports leftist causes led by the people who hate their faith and everything it stands for are traitors.

For the past five years real Catholics and a multitude of impartial observers all over the world have watched in dismay as the elderly Cardinal was persecuted by the State of Victoria. They watched in horror as he was convicted and jailed on evidence that in other circumstances would struggle to convict a shoplifter; filled with temporal impossibilities and other outright insanities. There is absolutely no chance that any other cleric of any non Christian faith would have been convicted in the State of Victoria on these grounds. As many have pointed out in the aftermath the same standard of evidence that sent Pell to jail would have convicted both Bill Shorten and Joe Biden of equally dodgy claims of rape. Yet Shorten was not pursued by Victoria police or the Victorian Office of Public Prosecutions and Biden is now the unquestioned Democratic Party nominee for President of the United States.

This weeks High Court ruling was as unconditional as any High Court ruling has been in the history of rulings by Australia’s premier court. It openly stated that the jury which convicted Pell (the second jury assembled for the case after the first was hung) could not possibly have ignored the doubts around what was clearly a fictitcious claim and that all convictions should be quashed. Pell was convicted on a “second chance” jury (after the first was hung) had his appeal heard by three judges of which two (whose record must now be surely under review) decided not to overturn the verdict followed by a 7-0 High Court Judgement that casts doubt on the entire legal system of the state of Victoria and the ability for anyone even vaguely right of centre to gain a fair trial in the Garden State. It must be remembered that under the supervision of the extremely left wing ALP Attorney general and deputy premier Rob Hulls that larges chunks of the Victorian Judiciary were replaced with activist left wing judges, a trend that a subsequent lacklustre Liberal goverment failed to reverse.

The story by Pell’s anonymous accuser was bizarre. The assault as described was impossible. The other supposed victim denied that it ever happened. The vestments Pell was wearing made the crime as described impossible, the area where the crime supposedly took place was full of people at the time of the supposed offence and multiple witnesses placed the then Archbishop Pell outside the church at the time it supposedly occurred. No other crime would have been prosecuted by Victoria Police under such flimsy and obviously fabricated evidence. There is rumour that the Office of Public Prosecutions refused to fund the trial against Pell and that anti-Catholic members of the Victoria Police hierarchy ended up funding the trial out of the police force’s own budget.

It must come as a relief to people suffering from the home invasions and carjackings of the African gangs that Victoria Police consistently tells us don’t exist to know that money allocated to protecting the citizens of Victoria was instead blown on an obviously false persecution and jailing of an innocent man for political reasons.

There has always been a strong strain of anti-Catholic bigotry in Victoria. It has existed since the earliest days of the colony. Outside St Patrick’s Cathedral (which after the high court result was vandalised by leftists with satanic symbols) is a statue of the Archbishop Daniel Mannix, a man who in the early years of the 20th century organised the Catholic community to fight back against the bigotry surrounding them. Few of the people who scoff at “toothless” Collingwood supporters today in the AFL realise that the bias against the football club comes from its poor Irish Catholic roots. There has always been establishment hatred of Catholics in Melbourne. When my father was born it was commonly understood that certain public service professions were simply out of bounds to Catholics looking for work.

And as time has moved on the sectarian hatred of Catholics fostered by snobbish Anglicans has been replaced with an even more virulent secular hatred held by those same Anglican’s now atheist grandchildren.

The reasons for this group’s hatred of Pell are clear. He was sceptical of theories of catastrophic man made climate change, he supported the idea of free markets against command economies, he was close to Tony Abbott and John Howard (both of whom suffered by supporting him against the false charges for which he was jailed). And above all he opposed the absurdity of gay marriage. Its notable that the most fanatical of Pell haters in the media tend to be homosexual.

There are many theories that Pell’s work in clearing out corruption from the Vatican Bank may have led to his downfall, but the truth doesn’t need to be so exotic. Cardinal Pell was an enemy to the Australian left. And as can be seen from the leftist response to his liberation both before and after the event key members of the Australian leftist establishment (in particular noted Pell hater David Marr) clearly knew the Cardinal was not guilty of the crimes of which he was accused.

But they believed he should be locked up anyway. Because he was a conservative. Because he was Catholic. And because they could.

Pell managed to survive because he could afford a legal team that helped him get out of jail on charges that were obviously false. This is a lesson and a warning to the rest of us. Those of us who cannot afford a QC to defend us are entirely defenceless against this sort of state sponsored persecution. If the ABC, the State government and the politically motivated police forces of Australia decide you should go to jail for horrendous crimes you didn’t commit simply for disagreeing with them, theres a very good chance you will.

Thats the main lesson we should take from the Pell case. The leftists are now in charge of the asylum (especially in Victoria). And if they want they can make you rot in jail until you die with your life ruined and your friends pressured to disown you.

This time they were cheated of that prize.

And my aren’t they upset.

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Lucas Rosas
Lucas Rosas has spent years monitoring far left extremists so you don’t have to. He lives in a secure location with multiple large and hungry guard dogs.
Lucas Rosas
Lucas Rosas has spent years monitoring far left extremists so you don’t have to. He lives in a secure location with multiple large and hungry guard dogs.
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