Avi Yemini and the Australian Liberty Alliance hosted a series of rallies around Australia this weekend the 09/10 of June 2018 in support of imprisoned political activist Stephen Christopher Yaxley AKA Tommy Robinson. Tommy was sentenced to 13 months in prison for breaching a suspended sentence and obstructing the course of justice for doing a Facebook live broadcast outside of the courthouse within where a Muslim grooming gang trial was taking place. The Unshackled had contributors at both the Melbourne and Brisbane rallies.



Morgan Munro was on the scene in Melbourne on Saturday, arriving to a large crowd that had arrived earlier than the set time. There were slightly more people present than the last one which had occurred on a Monday with short notice.

This rally didn’t go on for as long as the last one either, possibly due to Avi Yemini’s plan to get to three other major cities on the same weekend. Some familiar faces around the Melbourne political scene were present including Dianne Colbert, El Dia Opina and The Young Conservative. There was no notable disruption put on by the left.

The crowd exuded a lot of energy, among signs showing encouraging messages for Tommy one could also point out the same for Sonia Kruger who has come under scrutiny for statements made back in 2016 where she voiced her preference for a halt on Islamic immigration as a reaction to a spate of terror incidents. We like to talk about how this case in the UK is showing a trend that could start in Australia, but the fact is that it has already started. All we can do is stand up, show our numbers and try to provoke a change to that.

Martin Hartwig was at the Brisbane rally. There was a good 100 people present outside the British Consulate building that displayed evidence of recent postering. The event was slated to be for 9am but things kicked off early as the energy was enthusiastic. Chants in support of Tommy went on for a good 10 minutes before Avi Yemini delivered a rousing speech through a bullhorn megaphone expressing dissatisfaction over the perceived attacks on freedom of speech. Shan Ju Lin, Malcolm Roberts, the True Blue Crew and the Proudboys were present.


Hours after the protest evidence of the action was found littering the vicinity. Hundreds of tiny pieces of paper with “Tommy Robinson” printed on them were scattered like confetti to be cleaned later by council workers. There was also a message scrawled in chalk on the pavement reading “Rot in Prison”, presumably scrawled by someone not exactly fond of him.

It is obvious that the time since arrest of Tommy has allowed for the hype to die down, but this has only been slight. Rallies around the world including a rowdy one in London over weekend are proving that people are still very angered by what has occurred and are becoming more and more willing to get out onto the streets in defiance against corrupt governments.


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