This article is not about flags and nations being just a myth. No it’s not about the bizarre leftist theory that the degenerate depopulationist Yuval Noah Harari promotes. This is about the communists in our nation adopting multiple flags to alter our national identity.

Before Anthony Albanese’s first press conference as Prime Minister parliamentary staff put the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flags next to the Australian one behind where he was to speak. On Sunday Opposition Leader Peter Dutton had all three flags behind him as he announced his shadow front bench. The new Labor Government wants to enshrine an ‘Indigenous voice to parliament’. The previous Morrison Government purchased the copyright to the Aboriginal flag from its creator Harold Thomas for $20 million earlier this year. The Morrison Government at the start of 2021 also modified our national anthem Advance Australia Fair changing the line ‘we are young and free’ to ‘we are one and free’ to acknowledge the indigenous people who were on the Australian continent before European settlement. We are told it’s the longest continuous culture in human history. What about the native Africans?

These extra flags at the federal government press conferences are just catching up with our woke state governments and the big corporations. I just drove past a building site where the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flags were flying high up there with the Aussie flag. This is the rubbish that you see when cultural marxism has taken over industries and corporations.

They force these usually unpolitical entities like corporations and businesses to become political and to adopt their leftist causes, violating the workers and consumers who attend them. Wouldnt you feel dirty if you had to attend a worksite that had leftist propaganda? It party-pooping.

Why should a building site have these extra flags on it? Because they are trying to change what ‘Australia’ means. Australia Day used to be about celebrating Australia, the unique, cool, and great weather country we are, the paradise that the English and Americans think we are, now the communists have made Australia Day into a celebration of all the nations on earth.

Australia used to be Australia. Not Somalia, not Indonesia, or any of the many random countries all over the earth that communist social engineers have been flooding us with. So they are trying to change what we think Australia is and actually change Australia in general. They are working towards all nations on earth being multicultural and multiracial. No individual unique nations, that’s the communist utopia. What a weird utopia. For some strange reason, these sick leftists hate nations. I mean what drives Yuval Noah Harari to think up the idea that nations are myths?

And what makes the leftists think that a city full of all these different people with different languages and laws and customs would be soo great?

Chaos is what it causes. We have enough problems remembering how to spell and pronounce English names let alone ‘maka buka catit’.

So far this multi-flag multi-race Australia hasn’t created a better country. Things were far more harmonious and our living standards higher back in the fifties before the communist open border program kicked in.

The multi-flag agenda only seems to have caused more home invasions actually. Brighton has been having tons of them (which Dan Andrews is denying) strange since you would have thought he would be on the victims’ side. But I guess since foreigners are involved he has to cover it up. The community there has had to hire its own personal security guards. Some of these gangster robbers have been 13-year-old kids. That’s not the Australia we grew up in. We never had to hire guards in the past but now after all this immigration, we do.

What made Melbourne the world’s most liveable city?

It surely wasn’t people having to hire security guards to stop home invasions. All while the size of Victoria Police is the biggest it’s ever been. What are they doing if they aren’t getting robbers?

Communist bureaucratic rubbish, that’s what they are doing. They are probably too busy hunting down people who put swastika stickers in Jewish areas as a joke. Or maybe they are sending all the detectives out to covid protesters who they caught breaking the lockdown rules via scanning through social media and CBD security camera footage. In a communist state policing is all about forcing communism on the public and not about stopping crime.

Independent businesses, industries, or people that don’t adopt leftist agendas become enemies of the state. One reason why communists want communism and full governmental control of everything with a police state is so that they can force everyone and everything to adopt their sick leftist causes.

Where capitalism exists so do independent businesses, and where people are not forced to suck on the government tit to survive they don’t adopt leftist causes, because people don’t like them. Leftism isn’t popular, excluding in psych wards and jails. It can only be forced with the barrel of the gun by the state, or through financial pressures via leftist bankers.

If the building site owner voluntarily wanted the Aboriginal and Torres Straight flags flying I’d say good on him for expressing his beliefs. But this ain’t the situation. He’s doing this because the communists are pressuring him to in some way. We used to have freedom where businessmen didn’t have to put flags up in their companies and didn’t have to hire staff according to gender quotas, or not have to have this or that license just to operate a machine. And that’s the Australia we should be celebrating on Australia Day. The Australia of old.

The flying of Aboriginal and Torres Straight flags are not about indigenous rights, the deep state communist couldn’t care less about them. If indigenous people got together a strong movement to stop the open borders programs (which basically is letting in more foreigners to steal more of their land) then the governments would suddenly switch tactics and consider them far-right black supremacists who must be stopped. They’d ban the aboriginal identity and the Aboriginal Torres Straight flags would end up like the Nazi swastika.

Multiple flags are really about destroying Australian culture and creating a communist world utopia where there are no nations. They are doing it for a reason and that reason is not what they say it is.

I encourage everyone to not go along with their causes. We see these flags at all government buildings and are seeing them now in businesses and industries. I suspect that they are now government-owned or controlled and that’s why they are having to put up these silly multiple flags.

Communism means government control everywhere and no freedom and that’s what we are seeing. That’s why the flu and the weather are being made into a problem now, it’s more excuses for government power expansion, and then it will lead to more propaganda to see. Don’t sell out, don’t rely on them to survive, and you’ll remain free and clean.

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Andy Nolch is news minus the propaganda. He exposes communist propaganda in the mainstream media and seeks to stop the leftist cult which has taken over western civilisation from capturing your mind.
Andy Nolch is news minus the propaganda. He exposes communist propaganda in the mainstream media and seeks to stop the leftist cult which has taken over western civilisation from capturing your mind.
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