European Nationalists To Form Anti-Globalist Group After EP Elections


Jörg Meuthen of Alternative for Germany (AfD), announced that his party will join Italy’s League and other far-right parties to form a new group called, European Alliance of Peoples and Nations (EAPN). 

The EAPN is expected to be organized after the European Parliament elections The purpose of this new alliance is to shake up and radically change the European Union.

Meuthen said that the meeting with League leader Matteo Salvini in Milan is “the starting signal for something new”.  The coalition is open to all parties who imbue conservative and patriotic values: 

“We do not welcome socialists, communists, eco-fascists and extremists – from the left as well as from the right”.

Anders Vistisen from the Danish People’s Party and Olli Kotro from The Finns attended the meeting.  Salvini’s party is working on a deal with Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s party, Fidesz.

During a press conference in central Milan, Salvini said, “We want to reform Europe. For many people, the EU is a nightmare, not a dream.

“Today, the first nucleus of a large European family was born. Our goal is to win the EU elections and change the rules of Europe.

“We are working for a new European dream. For many families and citizens, the EU has become a nightmare. We work for employment, family policy, safety, environmental protection and the future of young people. If the EU is based only on finance, bureaucracy and pure economic thinking, it has no future.”

Meuthen expressed confidence that the number of member-parties will increase after the elections:

“At the moment, we are four parties in the EAPN. But when the last plenary session in Strasbourg ends on April 18, on this day, I am sure we will have at least 10 member parties in our alliance.”

The National Rally of France’s Marine Le Pen and Austria’s ruling Freedom Party (FPÖ) did not participate in the meeting, but have confirmed their existing cooperation with the League.

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