A senior official for foreign affairs
of European Union (E.U) issued what appeared to be a veiled threat at U.S
President Donald Trump, saying that if he does not end his Nazi –like
immigration policy he may end up in prison. 

The E.U’s Federica Mogherini also
issued a stern warning against people who opt to build walls:

“In Europe we have a history that has
told that every time one invests in divisions and walls you might end up being
in a prison if you build all walls around you. We have a history and a
tradition that we celebrate when walls are brought down and bridges are built.”

In 2017, Mogherini condemned the
construction of border wall along Mexico which was a campaign promise made by
Trump during the 2016 U.S. Presidential elections.

The 43-year-old Italian reiterated
the E.U’s continued support for the Syrian refugees:

“This is not the European Way. The
E.U will continue to take care and host Syrian refugees and others who are
fleeing from war.”

However, the irony is that the E.U is
currently funding the construction of a 764 kilometer border wall between
Turkey and Syria. The wall which was designed to span the entire Turkey-Syria
border is being built by Turkey’s state owned construction company, TOKI.

The wall that runs through the
provinces of Sanliurfa, Gaziantep, Kilis, Hatay, Mardin and Sirnak will be
completed with advanced technology layers of security.

European Investigative Collaborations
network (EIC) revealed that the E.U funded the armored Cobra II military
vehicles which are used to patrol the border. 

The German weekly Der Spiegel
reported that the E.U has always provided support to the Turkish government:

“The EU states have provided the
government in Ankara with security and surveillance technology valued at more
than 80 million euros in exchange for the protection of its borders.

“This included the transfer of 35.6
million euros by Brussels to the Turkish company Otokar as part of its IPA
regional development program for the construction of armored Cobra II military
vehicles, which are now being used to patrol the border to Syria.”

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