The past few weeks due to the coronavirus pandemic has seen school holidays brought forward in many states and parents decided to withdraw their children from schools.

Although we are in an anxious and uncertain time, school closures have given children a respite from toxic state schools (for those who cannot afford private schools or other alternatives).

Children in the state of Victoria have escaped the clutches of feminism, toxic masculinity, cultural Marxism, gender-fluidity and climate change alarmism for at least a few weeks, possibly for months. The LGBT activists must be annoyed that children are missing out on a few months of ‘progressive’ sexual education.

The Problem with Current School Education

Without huge reform, school education in Australia will continue to fail children when it resumes post the pandemic. But we know the left do not care about achievement. They do not expect any high standards but expect everything from the government.

The youth are paying a huge price for the failed experimental fads which get pumped out monthly.  Rigorous testing has been eradicated. The left has declared an all-out assault on our children from gender benders, Marxists, rabid feminists, and so on. Politically correct fads is what matters.

Postmodernism is all the rage. It is anti-education,  confuses children and creates chaos. Academic rigor has been thrown aside and instead the objective is feelings and shielding children from challenges and opinions which are not of the progressive left type. Feelings are now the supreme standard. Social development and making children into social justice warriors is now the aim.

Junk programs are now commonplace in classrooms-play-based learning, growth mindset, Individualised based learning, guided group work, inquiry based learning, creative thinking, co-teaching, Safe Schools, flexible learning spaces. There are many more. That is just a sample.

Identity politics has propelled forward and now we are dividing people between oppressors and the oppressed. If you are in the right box you will have an easier path and be specially treated. Students will be asked to de-construct texts and to analyze them for gender bias,  toxic masculinity, diversity and culture. Family fluidity will feature in year 1 or 2 classrooms which opens the door to gender fluidity.

Dropping grades and assessments is now accelerating. Differentiated based learning is a new buzz word. It means modified exams, dubbed down work sheets. The aim is less stress and the smoothest transition to a higher year level. Less anxiety, less discomfort,  less scrutiny and less stress is the goal.

The corruption of innocence has always been the goal of Marxists.  People must never question it or you will be called unwoke and on the wrong side of history. It is about filtering out those who are not part of the movement and using the arms of the government to compel the cultural adulation and glorification of everything they do.

An education system which has collapsed has followed everything the left adores: big government, hedonism, no responsibility, envy, mediocrity, reliance on the state, more bureaucracy, blame, grievances, welfare dependency and the obsession with the collective. The only society the left like is one in which the state is the supreme commander.

It is why so many on the left (especially the Guardian) detest religion, free enterprise, gun ownership, private schools, and capitalism. Anyone who disagrees with the cadres of social justice seekers using the heavy hand of the state must be very bad. 

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