Donald Trump has had many political falling outs during his time as President. But none have been as dramatic or spectacular as that between Trump and the Queen of American Conservatism Ann Coulter.

Coulter was Trump’s most enthusiastic supporter during his presidential run, she spoke at his rallies, defended him on liberal talk shows such as Real Time with Bill Maher, to the scorn of the audience, even published a whole book endorsing Trump called ‘In Trump We Trust‘.

Ann Coulter has had many different conservative political positions over her 20 plus years as an author and political commentator. But since 2015 she has been consistent in being an American First proponent, advocating strong borders as articulated in her book ‘Adios America‘, and a non-interventionist foreign policy.

She was not afraid to criticize Trump when he launched his first strikes against the Assad Regime in Syria in April 2017. She accused him of going against his non-interventionist election platform and that pursueing more foreign wars in the Middle East would destroy his Presidency as such action had done to his predecessors.

Coulter has been the main embodiment of how Trump supporters are judging his Presidency. Unlike the left, with Obama, they are not mindless zombies who agree and support every action Trump takes as President and will call him out if he deviates from his election manifesto.

For Coulter immigration and the border wall was the principal reason she supported Trump’s campaign. And after two years in office with not even funding for the wall secured, let alone construction, Coulter’s patience began to run out.

In December 2018 Coulter told a Daily Caller podcast that if the border wall was not built then “They’re about to have a country where no Republican will ever be elected president again,” and that “Trump will just have been a joke presidency who scammed the American people, amused the populists for a while, but he’ll have no legacy whatsoever”. This caused Trump to unfollow Coulter on Twitter.

When Trump was the first to blink in the standoff with Congressional Democrats over funding for the border wall, which was the cause of the longest government shutdown in US history, Coulter savaged him on Twitter “Good news for George Herbert Walker Bush. As of today, he is no longer the biggest wimp ever to serve as President of the United States.”

Not one to let an insult against him slide on Saturday Trump lashed out at Coulter on his own Twitter account “Wacky Nut Job Ann Coulter … still hasn’t figured out that, despite all odds and an entire Democrat Party of Far Left Radicals against me (not to mention certain Republicans who are sadly unwilling to fight), I am winning on the Border”.

Coulter unflustered by Trump’s return fire addressed the Forum Club of the Palm Beaches in Florida calling Trump “a shallow, narcissistic conman” but conceded that a positive to come from the Trump presidency could be the “total destruction of the lying media”.

While Trump’s initial supporters like Coulter do feel betrayed, Republican voters, many of whom did not support him during the primaries and in fact called him a fake conservative, now overwhelmingly support his Presidency with his approval rating within that demographic being 80%.

If Trump doesn’t have some form of concrete border wall when November 2020 arrives then it is going to be a major failure of his Presidency. But does that failure supersede other achievements of his Presidency, such as the growing economy, and the returning of blue collar jobs to the United States?

Is Coulter right to hold Trump to account and to such a high standard? Or is she being unreasonable? Have your say in our poll below.

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