Democratic Party Seeks To Discard Salvini’s Anti-Migration Policies


The coalition between two rival
parties, the centre-left Democratic Party (PD) and anti-establishment Five Star
Movement (M5S) seeks to revise Matteo Salvini’s anti-migration policies. 

The new Italian government headed by Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte aims to align migration policies with global treaties and improve EU relations.

Campaigners and NGO groups hope that
with the coalition and newly appointed Interior Minister, the previous
government’s migration policy can finally change.

Graziano Delrio, the PD leader in the
lower house, stated on Wednesday that the administration is already moving to
create a new immigration law.

Nicola Zingaretti, the Democratic
Party’s pro-EU head, praised the coalition.

“We stopped Salvini, and merely
the announcement of this [new] phase is making Italy again a protagonist in
Europe,” he said.

“This turning point is good. Now it’s
time to change Italy,” Zingaretti added.

Prime Minister Conte has named Luciana Lamorgese, a former Milan security chief and top civil servant with no political affiliation, to serve as the new interior minister, replacing far-right League leader Matteo Salvini.

Lamorgese, a 38-year veteran of the interior ministry, has been overseeing refugee and migrant reception centres in northern Italy in recent years. 

She is well known for her integration
programs and policies. She was also the first female security chief, or
prefect, of Milan.

Meanwhile, Salvini continues to top
opinion polls. 

Political scientist Giovanni Orsina from Rome’s Luiss University said, “Salvini won for certain reasons, and these reasons haven’t changed.

“The government must show that it’s taking the concerns of its citizens seriously – only then could support for Salvini diminish.

“It’s not just a question of opinion
polls, rather we’ll soon have elections in the regions of Umbria and Emiglia
Romania. These are traditionally left-leaning regions. If the right wins in
those districts this time, it could become difficult for the new

Salvini called the new administration “a government produced by Paris and Berlin, borne out of fear to give up power, without dignity or ideals, with the wrong people in the wrong places.”

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