Death Of The EU And Globalism? Macron’s Political Party Trailing Badly In Surveys


According to the latest Ifop Paris Match and various French media survey, French President Emmanuel Macron’s En Marche party slipped from 23 to 20 percent, whereas far-right candidate Marine Le Pen’s National Rally dipped from 19 to 17 percent.

Meanwhile backing for the centre-right Republicans held steady at 15 percent and support for the far-left populist France Insoumise movement rose to 14 percent.

This comes in the heels of another Ifop survey which showed Macron’s approval rating plummeting to a dismal 31 percent – an enormous dip for a man who won the presidency by 65 percent and hailed by international press as a hero of “centrism”.

Macron’s allies now fear “Europe could die” after EU parliament elections next year.

“The ballot will be difficult for the president,” an unnamed ministerial source told Paris Match. “I have a feeling that the European elections will be unlike any other, because people are aware that Europe could die. That thought alone is enough to mobilize voters.”

Globalist international media outlets find it hard to come to terms with these disappointing numbers.

The Guardian warned the development is “worrying for those in Europe’s pro-globalization camp who placed their faith in Macron to halt the wave of populism”.

Christophe Guilluy, a writer in the left-liberal British newspaper said “This ‘Jupiter’, who embodied newness, youth and modernity, is now bogged down in forced reshuffles and goings-on that look very much like old-fashioned political maneuverings.”

“Worse, despite claiming he would lead France to become the ‘start-up nation’, economic performance is poor. Growth is stagnant, unemployment isn’t falling and poverty is taking a firm hold.”

Guilluy added “Macron’s fate could have far-reaching consequences for Europe’s political future,” stressing how the weakening support for the globalist golden boy in France has continued, “at a time when Trump’s popularity among his voters is relatively stable by comparison and the American economy is growing”.

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