Melbourne has just hosted a four-week counter-terrorist training exercise. Vehicles, weapons and helicopters were used, but no ammunition. This is all good, I guess, like we need a government out there “protecting” us from terrorists, don’t we?

Even though it’s the government itself that’s done most of the terror attacks as false flag operations, but what I’m interested in is what they define as ‘terrorist’. During the anti lockdown protests last year counter terrorist soldiers were seen on the streets of Melbourne, thus the government considered anti vax anti lockdown protesters as terrorists and were willing to roll out the military on them. It makes us wonder if these recent military exercises have involved scenarios with freedom protesters. Are they training to stop future protests? Are freedom loving right wingers the “terrorists?”

Announcement from the armies website.

Here is an article by Triple M about the military exercises, it wasn’t just in Melbourne. Look here’s the truth about the whole terrorist thing, it’s fake. The government has full control of everything and can catch any terrorist if they want to. A lot of the time they let terrorist attacks occur or make them occur using secret undercover agents and/or the manipulation of unknowing intelligence assets. The war on terror was a lie. It was a cover story used by the government to do things like invading Iraq or take away our rights, it was a convenient excuse to do things and a controlled opposition.

The government’s attack on conservative right-wingers kicked into a new gear in the 90s, the same time Muslim terror attacks became common. Slowly bit by bit the government has switched from considering violent muslims as terrorists to considering anti socialist right wingers as terrorists. You could say that the government invented muslim terrorism as an excuse to build up government infrastructure which would then be used against their real threat, right wingers. Not that they are a dangerous threat, simply that they are against them politically, so they must be taken out. Lying to the public by saying that they are violent is just what you have to do to defeat this right wing enemy. They have no morals, only a goal to be achieved.

Right wingers these days with no violent history at all, no weapons history, no stabbing history, no bar fights are considered by Victoria Police as being a “terrorist” they are labelled as such, it’s a classification, it’s in a file, why the hell would that be the case?

You see they’ve exploded socialism, it’s everywhere, the government is everywhere, and there are many right wingers who are against the size of the government and all the crap that it’s doing. And the people who control our government know this, and they know they have to stop this movement from removing all the socialism they’ve created. So to stop this movement they needed to build up infrastructure within the government, in the military, in the police etc to stop right wingers. But if they labelled it that way, if they told us what they were doing, then right wing or decent people within the government would resist it. It would make it harder for them to roll out. So what they needed was an excuse. Well then in comes the Muslim terrorist. It was perfect, and it also made it “OK” to invade Iraq and expand their world empire into the resisting middle eastern area. Well after getting all the new laws and infrastructure put in within the government, they then started slowly switching over to using this new system to catch right wingers more and more instead of terrorists.

The surveillance state is being used for a new purpose, its real intended purpose. They also stopped doing fake muslim terrorist attacks, have you noticed that? It appears they have dropped off in recent times because they aren’t needed these days. Only attacks by right wingers are needed. They are attempting to change the definition of ‘terrorist’ from crazed muslim to crazed anti-government right winger white supremacist. Notice how the false flags they do these days tend to be “done” by white guys whereas in 2004 they were all done by Muslim looking fellas?

Follow Andy Nolch’s Telegram channel: I believe that the socialist world government(New World Order) has many plans for us, like forcibly vaccinating everyone, or forcibly microchipping us, and they knew these plans would be resisted, so they had to come up with a way to stop this resistance movement and that’s why they came up with the fake war on terror, its really a ‘war on the right.’ They would just have to change the definition of terror eventually, which easily can be done over time using the mainstream media, the court system and the school system which each one they control.

So when we hear of military exercises against terrorists remember it’s not about trying to stop a Muslim blowing something up, its more about them trying to stop the public’s resistance to their socialist police state rollout. That’s what the police and military are really being used for. The military is not our friend, or to be trusted. Remember they work for the government and are heavily trained into following orders and not questioning those orders. Their job is not to think but do. Note Tom Cruises recent Naval recruitment movie Top Gun Maverick where he repeats that line ‘don’t think but do’ thats how they want soldiers to act. They don’t want soldiers questioning the morality of their orders. There’s been many rumours about the government forcibly vaccinating us for years now well before Covid, and in places like America. You hear stories about this on the Alex Jones Show from back in 2009. You hear about the military training to do it in exercises, there’s got to be truth to it. Check out this video with Ricardo Bossi where this extreme senario is mentioned.

Now do you think differently when you hear about military counter terrorism exercises being done in Melbourne? The government is training government workers to think ‘terrorist’ means ‘right wing’. It used to be that terrorists were mainly just muslims in hijabs. Now it’s changed. Even the way the justice system treats right wingers is as if they are some sort of dangerous terrorist, that’s why they get such extreme sentences for peaceful political stunts, whereas leftist don’t get anything. An “extremist” these days is just someone who simply wants a government like it was in the good old days, say back in the 50s when it was much less socialistic. Them targeting right wingers is obvious now. There’s a history of the government doing false flag attacks by the way, like fake terrorist attacks that were blamed on the right going all the way back to the 90s, and even the 60s! Note the 1995 Oklahoma City Bombing and down south in the 60s blacks got blown up by FBI agents posing as conservative white guys to spur on the civil rights movement. And in more recent years the Gretchen Whitmer kidnapping plot(interesting data on that below). But it’s now almost fully switched from terrorism being about muslims to terrorism being about right wingers. The next thing we are waiting for is a bombing “done” by an anti vaxer, that’s got to be coming. That’s the citizen they need stopped, that’s the people they want the justice system to target.

Above is data from Wikipedia about the foiled Gretchen Witmer Kidnapping Plot, the truth is obvious to people who know what’s going on. This plot was funded by the government and had government secret agents help it occur, clearly a false flag, although it didn’t actually go ahead.

In recent times Biden has been encouraging the false idea that Republicans are terrorists. What are Republicans? They tend to be anti socialist, anti forced vax, right wingers, he’s basically saying right wingers are criminals here. Notice the dark red background? He’s trying to scare the public.

Here is an interesting article from the government’s intelligence agency ASIO about the far right.

Would the government send the military after right wingers? You bet ya, and would they forcibly vaccinate citizens? Hell yeah! Only if it’s for national security purposes of course. Problem is, are the military smart enough to know if the scenario they created really is for national security? Or is it just a hoax, like a fake pandemic or something? And even if there really is a national security situation does that still make it OK to forcibly vaccinate citizens for their own safety, citizens that don’t want it? I wouldn’t do it, let’s hope they don’t.

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Andy Nolch is news minus the propaganda. He exposes communist propaganda in the mainstream media and seeks to stop the leftist cult which has taken over western civilisation from capturing your mind. Check out the Andy Nolch Show for a good trustworthy weekly news summary. Because when life becomes a battleground, knowledge is your best weapon.
Andy Nolch is news minus the propaganda. He exposes communist propaganda in the mainstream media and seeks to stop the leftist cult which has taken over western civilisation from capturing your mind. Check out the Andy Nolch Show for a good trustworthy weekly news summary. Because when life becomes a battleground, knowledge is your best weapon.