Cory Bernardi The Conservative Warrior


Senator Cory Bernardi has been recognized as one of Australia’s staunch conservative voices. He is known for not mincing words and his stance on gay marriage, ban on burka, supporting the ‘it’s okay to be white motion’, Islam and immigration riled the Greens, gays, feminists, Muslims and small-l liberals.

He has shrugged off criticisms and opted to stand by his convictions:

“I have a number of strong beliefs that I believe reflect the concerns, the hopes and I think the aspirations of mainstream Australia.”

Bernardi is persistent with his mission to “restore common sense … and traditional values” even if his views have caused him to clash with his Liberal Party mates and outright left.

His views on same-sex marriage rocked Australia in 2012. The fierce backlash and conflicting views with Liberal party colleagues, led him to resign as Tony Abbott’s parliamentary secretary.

The Conservative Party leader was tagged as racist when he described Islam as a “totalitarian, political and religious ideology.”

Bernardi made it clear that his issue is with religion and not Muslims.

He hit a nerve among critics again when he called for a ban on the Muslim burka. He described the head covering as a “shroud of oppression” and a “flag of fundamentalism”, adding they are “not right” in Australia.

The Senator also referred to asylum seekers as “welfare squatters” and condemned the government for flying survivors of the Christmas Island refugee boat disaster to Sydney to attend their loved ones’ funerals.

His statement was made in defense of many Australians who also miss out on going to funerals because they do not have the money for it.

Bernardi has been deemed to be politically incorrect but he is driven by his desire to stand up for average white Australians.

This conservative warrior aims to make Australia great again and he will continue to speak his mind boldly, regardless of possible backlash:

“If you look at some of the great people of history, they all had trenchant critics.”

Bernardi likes to quote his hero, the late American President Ronald Reagan, whose speeches he listens to on his iPhone while taking his evening walks:

“You can’t go through life being loved by everybody, that’s a recipe for nothingness.”

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