Clinton Foundation’s gender pay gap: women paid $112k less


Damning new evidence shows that the Clinton Foundation paid its female employees much less than their male counterparts. Statistics uncovered through the Podesta Emails released by Wikileaks show that the gender pay gap within the organisation reached as much as $112 680.84 between its highest paid male and female employees. This is a staggering number for a person who thinks closing the so called “wage gap” is “long overdue”.

The information revealed in an email sent from Karuna Seshasai, who analysed the Clinton Foundation’s gender pay gap, to Clinton aide Ian Mendel said:

“Attached is the equal pay hit pulled from the Foundation book. Essentially here are the key take aways: 3 out of the 11 highest paid employees of the Foundation are women. Avg salary of the highest paid men is $294,157.50, while the avg salary of the highest paid women is $181,576.66 ($112K difference). Median salary of the highest paid men is $346,106, while the median salary of the highest paid women is $185,386 ($190K difference).”

Mandel himself forwarded this information to Clinton campaign researcher Tony Carrk and Clinton campaign manager Robert Mook saying:

“Given the story yesterday about pay equity at the State Department, I wanted to flag something that came out of our research on pay equity at the Foundation. There are huge discrepancies, and it wouldn’t surprise me if they went here next. See a summary below from Karuna.”

He admits that “huge discrepancies” exist in the Foundation, which would not be good for the infamous gender pay gap in the State Department case. It has already been proven that Clinton paid women 72 cents to the dollar in comparison to men during her time at the State Department.

Remember, Hillary Clinton once said, “last time I checked, there’s no discount for being a woman”. Yet here she is, her own foundation paying women much less than men. It simply goes to show the hypocrisy and lack of integrity inherent in Hillary Clinton. How can she fight against the “glass ceiling” if her own organisation pays women less?

This is simply the beginning. The organisation’s 990 tax forms from 2014 reveal that its highest paid men earned an average of $291 000, while the women earned $81 000 less at $210 000. This was also a ratio of 0.72:1 when comparing to the male salary, much lower than the now debunked national average of 79 cents (a flawed statistic still used by Hillary). The foundation’s highest paid employees included nine men and four women. So much for equal representation. To make it worse, in 2013, the highest paid women on average earned 63 cents to every dollar of the male salary.

In addition, Lifezette reported that an email sent by an employee of the foundation to John Podesta and board Chairman Bruce Lindsey, revealed by Wikileaks, showed that the overall average salary for men was $68 164, while women earned $64 118. The median wage gap was worse, with the median male average being $55 200 and the median female at $50000.

Interestingly, Politifact says Donald Trump is only “Half True” when he accused Clinton of not honoring her commitment to equal pay, despite the evidence supporting his accuracy. It would be most astonishing if Clinton continues to garner support despite her lies and hypocrisy. Hillary Clinton’s entire campaign is a lie. Her legacy is a lie. Why would a feminist support a candidate who has clearly paid women less? If leftists really want a woman to be President, then why not support Jill Stein instead? Donald Trump constantly receives criticisms and attacks by leftists and the media for his comments regarding women. But it is nowhere to be seen when Hillary Clinton pretends to support the gender pay gap, which apparently affects all women, while ignoring it behind closed doors.

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