Christian Backlash Over ACL Globalist Foreign Aid Push


Whilst the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) gloated that it had reached 200,000 likes on Facebook, it faced a massive backlash over its decision to call for further foreign aid. Within hours of posting that it welcomed former Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s call for bipartisanship on raising Australia’s contribution to aid for poorest nations, most of the many hundreds of displayed comments showed shock, disappointment and outrage.

ACL’s Unholy Alliance With Julia Gillard

The ACL Chief Political Officer, Dan Flynn, has repeatedly called for a 0.7% Gross National Income going toward foreign aid. Flynn said that “the UK has shown the way on this important issue of justice and support for the poorest people in the world to whom Australia has made significant promises to help.” Flynn praised Gillard for her strong support for foreign aid and says that politicians need to put “politics aside and make good on our promises.”

Despite foreign aid being a huge burden on our nation, Flynn insists it comprising less than 1% of the total federal budget is good enough reason to rise the contribution to a new legislated target. Although such a number may seem small, when you look at the figures it presents a stark reality, in that money that could be put to great use is instead wasted, for no reason whatsoever.

Many followers of the ACL page suggested that the money allocated could be better used to assist our farmers doing it tough in the current drought. It is a disgrace that our people that need help are being ignored whilst foreigners that have nothing to do with us are given a free handout instead. Comments such as “I’m a supporter of the ACL but you are wrong this time”, “ACL supported a socialist that gave money to the Clintons Foundation which supports Planned Parenthood baby killers”, and “until our struggling farmers, disadvantaged and homeless are looked after – absolutely not”, should be listened to loud and clear by the ACL team.

Christian Backlash Over ACL Push For Foreign Aid

Globalism continues to push us down the path of forcing first world countries to fund third world countries, with the end goal in making our great nation just as bad as the countries we are giving handouts. This is taxpayer money that isn’t being used on infrastructure, health, education or anything else that would benefit the Australian citizens. Governments have no right to give our money away, yet it seems that great concern voiced from the public falls on deaf ears. Every nation needs to serve its people in the best way it possibly can without the interference of other entities. Not only are these handouts ineffective in bettering the third world, but it then works against us when we have hordes of these people invading our own nations despite the help they were given. When they are here, it then doesn’t take long through high unemployment and high rates of crime, for them to start turning our nation into their backyard.

ACL Boasting Over The Amount Of FB Likes

The ACL needs to focus on its strengths such as the constant fight against abortion and euthanasia, rather than cuck out by appealing to SJW left-wing globalist causes that work against our country and our people. Charity beginning at home is a staple Christian teaching, but it seems that the ACL is either ignorant or no better than the elites that are pushing against our interests. Either way, the 200,000 people they are gloating about following the ACL will not build in number but rather descend into the abyss if the ACL continues going down this path.

Damien Ferri

Senior Editor @ The Unshackled

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