Sun Tzu, the acienct Chinese miltary general amd author of the Art of War, said, “The supreme art of war is to subdue an enemy without fighting.” 

Australia has discovered that there is a risk of being too dependent on a single nation, especially a hostile foreign actor, that Prime Minister Morrison candidly described as a ‘customer,’ pointedly reminding us that America is our friend.  

Australia faces an economic attack from within its borders from the activist class, and outside its borders from hostile forces that wish to hold us to ransom. 

Australia must not let COVID-19 subdue our national interest, and our sovereignty, independence, and capitalistic spirit of bottom-up growth.

The Chinese Ambassador to Australia Cheng Jingye also made thinly veiled threats to Australia. He said ‘Australia not being the best place for Chinese parents to send their kids” as it was a nation “not so friendly, or even hostile to China,” treats were made to cause pressure on Australian beef, wine and education sectors.  

According to demographer Bernard Salt, the Australian population could contract by 1 million by 2030. Australia needs to find new, global centric and not China-centric methods of growth. A baby boom with the Costello mantra of ‘One for mum, one for Dad, and one for the country’ is a pivotal way to boost the domestic population. We can replace the lost population due to the COVID-19 fall out if we make the most of our lockdown period. Maybe the baby boom has already happened? 

During the 1980s in Great Britain, the labor movement and the working class protested against Thatcher’s closure of unprofitable state-owned mines holding placards saying ‘Coal, not Dole,’ the modern left which is against the working people, and it is against development and empowerment they are for ‘Dole and not Coal.’ The modern left is the luddites of the current age, wanting to smash development and prosperity. 

The Adani project could have started ten years ago if it was not for endless lawfare against one of the biggest job creators in the history of Northern Queensland. 

Possible Paths Forwards

 For capitalism to truly thrive in Australia, it needs to be noted that capitalism flourishes in an environment of competition. Australia has to transport upwards of 60% of its exports through the South China Sea, a sea that is not wholly Chinese but more accurately South Asian. There are many customers in the Asia Pacific, and even more friends. 

India, according to reports from HSBC and PWC, will be the world’s second-biggest economy by 2050. One has to question whether Chinese mass ownership of the energy industry is beneficial to Australia if it prevents at least partially Australian owned companies from selling coal to other nations such as India. 

According to the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission’s 2018 Report ‘China’s overseas United Front work background and implications for the U.S.’ China uses what it calls ‘United Front’ work to co-opt and neutralize sources of potential opposition to the policies and authority of its ruling CCP.’ This work is international in focus, as the United Front Work Department is an engine of coercion and control ‘foreign’ countries outside of China to bend to Beijing’s diplomatic and economic likings. 

Selling coal to India, through projects such as the Adani coal mine, could be seen as a threat to the ‘ruling authority’ of China if it acts to strengthen its neighbor India too much. What are the consequences of a Daniel Andrews Belt and Road agreement if all gas, wool, wheat and beef that is produced here, does China get preferential treatment and firesale rates as a result of leveraging debt diplomacy if Despot Daniel Andrews cannot pay the debt back? 

Our internal issues cannot be resolved from always turning to China; we need to fix ourselves

China is not the savior of the world. Always looking to China because we cannot fix our internal issues will only weaken us, that does not mean that we should embrace protectionism, no we should not. Although, we need to fight back activists and not allow projects to get held up, so we can allow Australian banks to finance such projects without being made to feel like their investment decisions offend the Church of Climatology. 

All business with China should be conducted on the business of respect, and not economic coercion. 

Back in 2017, former Senator George Brandis sent a letter to China’s National Development and Reform Commission, saying that the Adani mine had the backing of the Australian and Queensland Government. Interestingly, after Chinese financing, the worries about the black-throated finch seemed to subside rather quickly.  

Perhaps taking barriers and regulation away from domestic banks to invest in job-creating projects is the answer, perhaps not giving the job-destroying activists full sway without repercussion is the answer.

Who are the internal enemies? 

Deep state corruption is not suspicion; it is shown from two emails forwarded to former White House Chief of Staff John Podesta, show that one of the principal funders for the Sunrise Project (a project opposing Adani) published by WikiLeaks show that one of the founders of the Sunrise project is the US-based charitable trust, the Sandler Foundation.

This U.S. based ‘Sandler Foundation’ backs Project Sunrise, Project Sunrise, is headed by former Greenpeace activist John Hepburn. According to its website, it is goal is to ‘are to halt the expansion of Australian coal and gas exports and drive the rapid replacement of coal power with at least 100% renewable energy” () 

The Wikileaks leaks from Podesta, show how deep the efforts are to undermine Australian industry and workers. Wikileaks’ email releases alongside pushes directly from the Chinese embassy highlights the need for Australia to protect its financial interest by asserting its national interest, to be a nation that does not buckle to the threats of the Chinese Communist Party.

It was made clear by the ambassador’s directives, that if Australia questions the CCP’s role in the spreading of COVID-19, then there will be a price to pay. Australia has to choose whether this will be our ‘Chamberlin’ or our ‘Churchill’ moment.

The weaponization of environmental law and regulation. Killing Jobs, and not helping the Planet

The most devout followers of the church of climatology are using the institutions and laws of Australia to hamper Australia’s rise. Legal activism has been enabled by section 487 of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 2001. ()

Challenges made under this act have caused serious carnage to Australia’s once vibrant energy and resources sector. Ninety-four percent of these challenges have failed, and these challenges have caused 10,100 cumulative days of delay in projects. 

Six coal mines, one iron ore, two dam projects, road construction and desalination, forest and pest management activities, tourism development, and two dredging ports have been delayed due to this act. Between 2000- 2019, the cost of these delays is thought to be around 65 Billion dollars according to research from the IPA.

Who is benefiting from this act? Is it the birds and wildlife of Australia? Alternatively, is it the opaque state-owned entities of the CCP which use the profit to enslave millions and control billions. 

Activists and overregulation have pushed established miners out of the game: 

Anglo-mining companies are selling up under pressure from lawfare and onerous regulation. Rio Tinto sold up its mining operations to Yancoal. Glencore and Wesfarmers have also sold up their coal resources. Moreover, Chinese state-owned company Yancoal is coming through the middle and stealing the spoils of the carnage of lawfare. 

Yancoal is now bigger than BHP in coal mining in Australia. Moreover, this signals just how much control the communist party of China has over Australian resources as a result of the damage caused by the green left lawfare, through groups such as Project sunrise. 

Yancoal owned by Yanzhou coal mining company (兗州煤業公司), acquired coal and allied from Rio Tinto for 3.5 billion.

Owners of debt and backers of capital (debt) have vast degrees of power and sway over mining, which they back. The Bank of China is now the biggest funder of Australian mining at 3.3 billion dollars. Conspicousosly financed ‘environmental’ activists have frightened and threatened the Australian banking sector to withdraw support for coal.

These massive amounts of debt leave Australian jobs, livelihoods, and aspirations vulnerable to directives from the Bank of China, or as seen vulnerable potentially to directives from the Chinese Embassy.

It has to be easier for our banks and our miners in terms of environmental regulation; otherwise, we will only be left with large Chinese-State owned entities pulling strings and getting rich from Australia’s natural resources. 

CBA and Westpac now only account for ⅓ of capital investment into Australian mines and power stations, while the Bank of China accounts for much of the other ⅔ of investment. 

Australian Universities: Forces of Destabilisation and Deep State Infliratration

Australian Universities have been asleep at the wheel and petrified to say anything against the Chinese because of stifling Political correctness. A strategic vulnerability Australia faces due to overdependence is highlighted through the Chinese Students and Scholars Association, which is an arm of the United Front Work Department of the CCP on Australian campuses. 

The CSSA also claims to have people installed in the ADF as well as the CSIRO, which gives the government key advice on ‘Climate concerns,’ according to an ABC Four corners’ Red flags,’ which aired in November of 2019. The connection came from a CSIRO chief research scientist and director of China engagement who was linked to Beijing’s United Front work department, according to an article published in The Australian. 

The CSSA ACT’s incorporation documents filed in 2012 show the association’s role is to “facilitate the connection between the embassy and the Chinese students and scholars,” and its executive board must “communicate with the embassy … regularly”.

United Front Work Department Controlling Australian Media

Clive Hamilton, the author of Silent Invasion, published some interesting and mostly unknown information in his Senate Submission in 2017:

Published some exciting findings, namely: “Dr. Chau Chak Wing, China-born Australian citizen, business magnate and member of the CPPCC, has also been prominent in United Front operations in Australia, both via donations and by seeking to exert control over Australia’s formerly vibrant Chinese Media Landscape.”

“According to a pro-Beijing publication in Australia cited by the Sydney Morning Herald, ‘nearly 95 percent of Australian Chinese newspapers have been brought in by the Chinese Government to some degree.”

Controlling academic voices, as well as the Chinese Australians media landscape, has the potential to put massive pressure on private enterprises to buckle and do the bidding of China. 

National interests undermined from dogmatic ‘climatology’

Australia needs to steamroll into a proud age of coal, nuclear energy, and LNG. These resources are the keys to making Australia productive again. If the elite sells out Australian families to state-owned Chinese companies and green left lobbies, the nation will crumble at their feet. 

Instead of buckling to the pressure from China, and green lobbies, Australia needs to get on with developing Nuclear. That includes buying Japanese built nuclear submarines off the shelf and taking a direct stand to safeguard our shipping interests. 

Australia needs to do more business with India, Vietnam, Japan, and Indonesia, among other friendly nations that are looking to establish new infrastructure or that have a hunger for world-leading energy and education without threats and political time bombs attached. 

That includes repealing and replacing section 487 of the Environment Protection, and the biodiversity act is a step that should be taken quickly.

Repealing regressive law, such as s.487, will supercharge growth and investment in our energy and resources sector. 

We must allow Australia to get on with building coal mines and coal power stations, as well as LNG gas stations and Nuclear energy. 

Energy and control over our energy revolution is the key to getting people back on the payroll, to supercharge wealth and electrocute joblessness. 

Australia must foster relationships with other nations and work towards a global trading mindset. As did Britain when it left the E.U., Australia needs to have its ChinExit moment. Australia needs to have a global focus, and not a China focus. 

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