Check your female privilege with this questionnaire


Yesterday, the regressive leftist ABC released an equally regressive leftist article giving its male readers the opportunity to check their male privilege using just one simple questionnaire. It conveniently asked males to consider their position in the workplace and wider society and stay up to date with the various advantages they face over females. The Unshackled has decided to return the favour, and provide a more red pilled alternative to the privilege checklist.

Here at the Unshackled, we could respond by going on about how gender differences are natural and the feminists are blowing this out of proportion in order to get more female privileges, but we have chosen to address this in another way. We have chosen to create a checklist for females in order to ensure they are aware of their own gender privilege in this progressive world.

The following 20 checkpoints have been compiled by the Unshackled as a convenient tool for women to check their privilege:

  1. I can socialise without the fear of being sexually manipulated and/or seduced.
  2. I can enjoy the luxuries of staying at home and rely on my spouse for financial security without being frowned upon by society for doing so.
  3. I can openly talk about my mental health and emotions without being negatively judged by society.
  4. I am not expected to remain onboard a sinking ship in order to allow the opposite gender to reach safety first.
  5. I am able to look after my children and simultaneously apply for financial compensation from my workplace without being negatively judged by society.
  6. In case of divorce, I get greater custody over my children and a greater say in the situation, along with greater sympathy from the judiciary and greater freedom to choose my child’s co-parent.
  7. I will receive lighter prison sentences and better judicial treatment simply because of my gender.
  8. Most domestic violence perpetrators of my gender do not get arrested in comparison to the counterparts of the opposite gender.
  9. My gender does not commit suicide at a multiple rate in comparison to the opposite gender.
  10. My gender does not comprise most workplace deaths by number and percentage.
  11. I am less likely to be falsely accused of rape.
  12. The majority of homeless people are not my gender.
  13. I have a lower chance of being judged as a paedophile for no reason e.g. I can sit next to a child on public transport without being judged.
  14. I enjoy programs that aim at promoting the hiring of my gender into the workplace.
  15. I have “reproductive rights” and I get the final say on whether my child gets to live or die while he/she is still in the mother’s womb.
  16. It is completely illegal to forcefully circumcise or mutilate the sexual organs of children who are my gender.
  17. The children of my gender who are sexually exploited or used as prostitutes are prioritised by authorities over those of the opposite gender.
  18. People of my gender have a greater likelihood of entering university than those of the opposite gender.
  19. The majority of homicide deaths, combat deaths and deaths by capital punishment as percentages does not constitute people of my gender.
  20. My gender does not pay the majority of taxes.

The above 20 statements will help our feminist friends have an understanding of the privileges they possess over males. The only difference is, as non (or even anti) feminists, we understand that many of those disadvantages faced by men are natural, such as facing judgement for being a house-husband, paying a greater proportion of taxes, or even having less power over our children’s custody. At the same time, many of the so-called disadvantages faced by women are also natural.

The ABC may have attempted to take advantage of human compassion and play the oppressed-woman-card in the name of gender equality, but most Australians are able to see this tactic for what it is: an attempt to help feminists hoard in more female privileges and encourage affirmative action programs. It’s time the feminists face up to reality and get a grip of the actual gender inequalities we experience in Western society than continue play the victim card in order to secure more female privilege. What matters in society is not an equal place for two different genders, what matters is the right place, as men and women thrive in different aspects of life and society. That is real diversity.

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