Caught red handed: Clinton campaign rigging polls


Wikileaks’ Podesta Email release has revealed that the Clinton campaign is indeed rigging election polls. The email shows just how corrupt the campaign has become. This news comes after Wikileaks’ emails showed that that Chelsea Clinton’s fundraiser in support of an anti-Israel Islamic extremist group had the Clinton campaign deeply worried. This makes it blatantly clear that the campaign was already aware of the corruption inherent in the Clinton family, and has taken it upon itself to carry on that legacy.  

The new email contains a report compiled by the Atlas Project aimed at providing recommendations for “state by state polling” and “research”. It states that the campaign wanted the Atlas Project to “recommend oversamples for our polling before we start in February”.

The actual report clearly highlights the usefulness of over-sampling for Hillary Clinton. In its research recommendations regarding the state of Arizona, the report says “over-sample Hispanics” and “over-sample the Native American population”. This is clearly an effort to misrepresent election polls and mislead the American people.

The notion that these polls should not be trusted cannot be made more clear. It is evident that Donald Trump should be taken seriously when he points out that the election is in risk of being rigged. This is not the first time in American history that the election was rigged. In the 1960 election between Nixon and Kennedy, electoral fraud occurred to steer the results in the latter’s favour. 

However, it has to be stressed that polls are not the Gospel, as they can be highly misleading, especially if they were carried out through oversampling. The Brexit referendum made evident the misleading nature of polls, as most polls suggested that Britain will remain in the EU. But here we are. Furthermore,  Ronald Reagan won the 1980 presidential election despite being 8% behind Carter in some polls.

But it is clear that today’s election polls are definitely not to be trusted. And it is clear that election rigging is definitely possible, having already happened in the past. Therefore, it must be stressed that Trump supports must vote on November 8 and avoid getting disillusioned by mediocre poll results.

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