On Sunday 14th June two females vandalized Captain James Cook’s statue in Hyde Park Sydney with graffiti saying “NO PRIDE IN GENOCIDE” and “SOVEREIGNTY NEVER CEDED”. One of these spreaders of hatred towards Australia has been exposed as a part-time employee of NSW Greens MLC David Shoebridge.

Yep, you heard it right.

Shoebridge is idolised by the NSW Communist Movement that wants to replace the Australian Flag with a Red one with a Hammer and Sickle.

Shoebridge whinged over police using a Loudspeaker at Friday night’s Black Lives Matter protest which he called a “Sound weapon” because his Comrades couldn’t get the chance to take Captain Cook down.

Law-abiding citizens & NSW Police protected the statue on Friday night but the two females vandalized the statue hours after the illegal protest but arrested on the spot by NSW Police. And get this…. he refused to condemn his staffer because the act of vandalism occurred “outside of Work Hours!”.

What a poor excuse to not sack them, if you vandalized or do stupid things outside of Work Hours you get the sack! Shoebridge is still refusing to sack his Sniff Off! campaigner.

Mark Latham, NSW Police Minister David Elliott & others condemned Shoebridge’s actions were also condemned by Premier Gladys Berejiklian.

In my view, Shoebridge should step down or be dismissed and charged for treason after years of spreading hatred towards Australia while praising the hammer and sickle that slaughtered 100M Victims.

Vandal 1 – Xiaoran Shi

This paid employee for David Shoebridge and manager of the NSW Greens Sniff Off! Page which wants to get rid of Sniffer Dogs (Both Drug & Bomb Dogs) which is a really bad idea cause it will lead to more kids dying of drug overdose or Terror Attacks.

As you can see her pictures of Xiaoran Shi, her play is a bad comedy from Zombieland aka University of Sydney where she was also an editor of the student communist rag Honi Soit.


After lots of angry tweets & others going after Xiaoran Shi, especially my “How Much Did Shoebridge pay ya?” comment she privatized her Twitter Account meaning only her followers can view them.

Local communists have excused, encouraged or enabled vandalizing statues, Monuments, war memorials, dog piling on patriots and conservatives, attend every far-left rally or burn the Australian Flag.

Most of those who used to work or supported them will admit the Greens real agenda and either flee to Melbourne, are forgotten or changed sides.

Vandal 2 – Charmaine Morrison-Mills

Charmaine works for Women’s Justice Network which is full of Feminists & who wish to get rid of Masculinity oppress innocent men.
Before Charmaine’s FB profile posts are privatized, here’s a little information about this feminist: SCARF a Refugee/Open Borders Group, she
has a Couchsurfing profile which would be a backpacking dating website.

After reading the News Articles & Report by NSW Police & gone through the court website, they have been refused bail by NSW Police but granted bail by Parramatta Bail Court as they will appear at Downing Centre on the 2nd of July 9:30AM.

The Next Day on 15th of June, Captain Cook statue is vandalized at Randwick which is close to University of NSW another Zombieland, granting bail to those vandals is a bad idea and is like granting bail to Islamic extremists

Most Vandals who targeted Captain Cook, Governor Macquarie or any other historic statues, monuments & War Memorials are most likely to be linked to either the NSW Greens, Extreme Leftist Groups (ANTIFA, WAR, BLM Australia) & Universities which is a breeding ground for The Extreme Left.

Since this is getting out of control, Prime Minister Scott Morrison & Premiers & Chief Minister needs to put a end to Communist Indoctrination & start cracking down on the Extreme Left Terror Groups.

If you let the problem grow, Australia will meet the same fate as Italy, Germany, Russia, Vietnam, China, Cambodia, Cuba, various African countries, Venezuela & Eastern European countries.

This is my first article on The Unshackled, will be covering more on other stories soon & my rants on David Shoebridge.

Also, check out Stand Up for Australia on Facebook, these guys have been standing up for the Captain Cook statue.


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